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Posted On: 18 December 2013 02:07 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Injured boy’s mother to sue circus

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The mother of the Qatari boy who was attacked by a leopard at a circus recently and remains hospitalised, has decided to press charges against the circus, its organisers and the owners of the venue for negligence and lack of safety measures. The mother has appointed a group of lawyers to prepare a lawsuit, local Arabic daily Al Watan reported yesterday. Umm Khalid, the mother, said the circus had offered her compensation but she had declined it. “I want all of those who are responsible for the incident (the circus, its organisers and the owners of the venue) punished.” She said she would be petitioning that the circus and its crew not be allowed to leave Doha until the case is decided. Umm Khalid said she usually didn’t take her child, Fahad, out, but on the fateful day his schoolmates were going to the circus at Hyatt Plaza so she took him there. “We reached there at 6pm and the circus was to begin at 6.30. At the very entrance of the circus there was this enclosure where the leopard was.” It wasn’t a cage. There were iron railings around the animal and they weren’t high enough, she said. There was, however, a Russian woman trainer near the enclosure. Many children were touching the animal and taking pictures with it. “The leopard wasn’t reacting at all as though it were injected with anaesthetic.”