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Posted On: 23 July 2009 09:24 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Industrial Area left in a ‘mess’

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Booming business and expansion works are going on at full pace in Industrial Area, which houses some of the major companies and showrooms. However, there is a gapping hole between ever growing expansion activities and the basic infrastructural development in this vital part of Qatar. Roads, a vital part of development in any country, are dotted with potholes in the Industrial Area which makes movement through the streets a nightmare. The situation is same with the recently expanded areas. Potholes, peeling asphalt layer absence of pavement and poor drainage system makes things difficult for both pedestrians and drivers throughout the year. In summer if it is dust due to poor maintenance, in winter it is water logging which virtually turn the roads into cesspool that creates havoc on the streets. Though large-scale extension works are going on, no attention is paid to sustain the basic civic amenities. Vehicles struggle through the potholed roads at snail pace, causing heavy traffic congestion during peak hours. Adding to the motorists’ woe are the ever-ongoing excavation and maintenance works at various points. Further, the “Industrial Area” boosts of having not a single street light. This makes travel at night or under low visibility conditions terrible. “Industrial Area is a very important part of Qatar. Apart from small companies, it also has a number of labour camps. The infrastructure here cannot cope- up with the heavy traffic. The area is full of heavy vehicles and machinery. Further during rains, the holes will turn into pools aggravating the traffic flow. It is surprising that the infrastructural development is not given any attention. The name Industrial Area is not suitable for this pathetic area,’ said a frequent commuter. “Industrial Area is a vital part and plays a major role in developing the country,” said Hamad Al Nabith, CMC member from Abu Hammor. “It is puzzling that no clear strategic plan has been charted out. We have to expand the basic amenities in fast manner so as to catch-up with the other developmental activities” Another CMC member Mohammed Al Ezbaa said, “No plan has been made to develop the area the condition needs proper lighting sewage and good maintenance system. We have requested for this and are still requesting that the necessary steps may be taken to solve the problem.”