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Posted On: 15 September 2011 10:46 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Indian singer hopes melodies will return

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Bollywood playback singer Alka Yagnik is hopeful that the days of melodies will soon stage a good comeback in the Indian movie industry. This she said is the message that she is getting especially while performing at major Indian music concerts across the world. Yagnik, who is on her third visit to Doha in less than five years, is leading a concert along with Chetan Anand to raise funds for the Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF) this evening at Doha Cinema. The programme is scheduled for an 8pm start. The gates will open at 7.30pm. While sharing her views on a range of music related issues, she said today sound seems to matter more than the content of the music and hence quality of songs sometimes hits rock bottom. “Perhaps it is a temporary phase and I’m sure that melodies will be back with more vigour in coming days,” she said. Nowadays, in the place of melodies one sees more qawalis, bhangra and Sufi combinations. Acknowledging that she was not as busy as she used to be a a few years ago, the singer, who has reportedly sung in more than 700 films, spread over many Indian languages felt voice is of less importance in the industry now. “However, I feel it is only a temporary phase and evergreen melodies are still loved by most music buffs,” said Yagnik. “Mine is generally considered to be combination of soft and romantic songs and I consider myself fortunate to be identified as a singer of such songs,” added the singer, who is in the 27th year of her playback career. Referring to reality shows, Yagnik felt each show had its positive and negative aspects. ”However, certainly there are more positive aspects. After all they have helped in bringing to the fore a number of new talents,” said Yagnik who is on the judging panel of one of such shows on a television channel. The singer maintained that it is only because of some of such shows that many of the new faces in the industry had got a chance to sing. One of its major advantages is that owing to such shows, corrections could be effected in the singers’ delivering patterns and of so many child singers, she said. However one of the major shortcomings as pointed out by many music lovers is the voting taking place after episodes. “We, Indians are by and large very emotional and hence many of us vote on emotional lines,” felt Yagnik. While earlier songs were made for singers, now things are certainly different as there are so many singers to choose from, said Yagnik. This itself should be considered as the biggest change that has taken place in the music industry in the last three decades, she said. Gulf Times