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Posted On: 17 May 2009 10:45 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Imprison traffic violators who cause deaths, says survey

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MORE than 78% of people in Qatar – nationals and expatriates – feel that those who break traffic rules and cause fatal accidents should be imprisoned, says a report published in a local Arabic daily. The report in Al-Arab sums up the findings of a sample public opinion survey conducted by the daily on the growing menace of fatal road accidents. Focusing on a randomly selected group of 60 people - 46 nationals and 14 expatriates – the findings reflect a consensus of opinion that the maximum possible jail term should be imposed on those who drive callously or race and are responsible for fatalities. Giving the maximum punishment to such culprits may serve as a lesson and a deterrent to others they said. Other penalties and blood money alone cannot bring such culprits to their senses. The survey also pointed to the fact that unceasing road works and bad roads are also factors that cause fatal road accidents. Many felt that many of those who drove recklessly were driven by arrogance that arises from wealth and social status. Narrating an incident that occurred to him personally one person said that while he was driving back home with his wife in Khalifa Town after a hard day’s work, he found himself being pestered by the driver of a vehicle trailing him to go faster than the speed limit of 80kms. When he refused to budge the other driver lost his temper, barged on to the pavement and suddenly landed in front of his vehicle forcing him to a halt. In the ensuing argument the other person said: “I could have destroyed your vehicle totally. I have full insurance which will ensure that you pay for the damages!.”