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Posted On: 6 June 2016 10:14 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

ILQ Hold's its First Intern Orientation!

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Last weekend, on Saturday the 4th of June, ILQ held it’s first ever volunteer/intern orientation day. It was held at Shades Café, a gem of a café and a perfect hideaway, located in the Doha tower. It was a successful day filled with smiles that ended with us gaining fresh perspectives and new friends.

The day was kicked off with icebreaker activities that helped us get better accustomed with our new friends. These included a name-remembering activity that required everyone to stand together in a circle and state their names along with a certain movement that spoke volumes about their personalities. The aim of the game was to attempt to remember the names of everyone in the circle and their specific movements.

Another icebreaker we had fun playing was the staring game but with a twist! We instructed the volunteers to pair back to back, count to three and have everyone turn & face their partner. They had to look into each others’ eyes while staying solemn and serious without speaking. If someone smiles or laughs, they lost. Those who remained standing had to find a new partner. The activity continued until there were 6 winners left!

The art activity, art supplies provided by Jarir Bookstore, was next! All 20 newly admitted interns were required to paint over old ILQ gift boxes in an expressive way that showcased their attitudes. The catch was that it had to relate to ILQ & Qatar in someway and they were only allowed to use the iLoveQatar colour scheme. There were quite a few masterpieces that were produced as a result, but something that all the artworks had in common was that they were all such an accurate representation of the artist, that it had us in awe!


Khalifa Al-Haroon aka Mr. Q, joined the group after lunch, a delicious meal provided by the hospitable Shades Café, to speak about himself, the company, and how it came to be what it is today! Ending his speech with “always continue to learn and explore because you never know what you love doing until you try” serving as both an inspiration and motivation for the interns to continuously strive for bigger and better things.

All in all, it was fantastic day that left the interns with a newer sense of their self and a newly assigned role with ILQ. It left the staff with planted seeds of satisfaction that will no doubt lead to more fun and effective intern gatherings.