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Posted On: 10 May 2009 11:34 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Iglesias enjoyed performing in Doha

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Paper Boy
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International pop sensation Enrique Iglesias said he enjoyed performing here last week at the Ceremonial Court in Education City. “It was a very good feeling to see all kinds of people with different backgrounds and religions and see all of them together singing and dancing. It’s true then that music has no barriers or colours,” Iglesias, who is currently performing in Europe, said in an email. Iglesias, a Spanish international performer and model, said he enjoyed doing the show a lot. “It is always great for me to visit a place for the first time and be able to perform in front of thousands and see them enjoy the show.” Iglesias was recently invited by the Qatar Foundation to perform here as a treat to the close to 200 students who are graduating from the six Education City Universities – the Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar, the Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar, Texas A&M University, Georgetown University, Weill Cornell University-Qatar and the Faculty of Islamic Study – this year. The more than 2,500 seats at the Ceremonial Court were full for the concert, with more people standing on the sidelines. Many of the audience were standing on their seats cheering while some were jumping and dancing to the beat of the music as Iglesias sang some of his famous including Bailamos, Escape, and The Rhythm Divine. He did an encore after his performance, answering the audience’s chant of “we want more” and “Enrique” and “more, more, more.” The Education City graduates posed for a group photo with Iglesias after the concert.