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Posted On: 20 February 2020 07:30 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:21 pm

If you see desert locusts in Qatar, immediately report to authorities

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The Ministry of Municipality and Environment has called on the people in Qatar, especially those who own and tend to farms, to watch out for desert locusts and immediately inform the Agricultural Pest Control Unit of their location so they can be destroyed and an outbreak of these pests can be contained.

The numbers for the Agricultural Pest Control Unit are: +974 4426 1728 / 974 5544 8879 / +974 7743 8535.

These locusts are currently wreaking havoc in East Africa where they are destroying crops and fields at a very past face. Desert locusts are often considered the most dangerous pests because swarms of them can fly across large distances in little time. They feed on green vegetation of any kind and ravage crops.

People all over Qatar have reported seeing these pests in different areas of the country on social media platforms.