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Posted On: 30 January 2013 04:41 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

I Love Qatar visits IDAM restaurant and discuss the concept with “architect of IDAM Cuisine”

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ILQ got a chance to visit IDAM restaurant at Islamic Museum of Art and discuss the concept with the “architect of IDAM Cuisine” Alain Ducasse. Contemporary French Mediterranean cuisine with Arabic twist “IDAM Restaurant” gave an insight to how design and cuisine can be blended , directly themselves from Philippe Starck and Alain Ducasse . The Creator of Cuisine is Alain Ducaase . This restaurant nestles on the top floor of the Islamic Museum of Art. An Ala carte menu features between six mezze dishes QR 45 to QR 90 ,three vegetable -QR 160, etc. We got this opportunity to get a quick insight of Philip Starck ideas behind IDAM restaurant design. He mentioned that “ Iam a movie director , I created black and white for ambiance and the people to fill colors. This museum is the most beautiful in this world, its very geometrical, crystal based and my job was to bring life in the crystal theory by my designs. Its not about designs, architects for me.. Its about us, culture, local people.” The restaurant being placed in iconic landmark in Qatar - Museum of Islamic Art it blends local tradition with modernity. The guests at IDAM will enjoy a dinning experience that transcends time and surpasses expectation. Contemporary monochrome furnishings adorn the arabic culture for the restaurant. Starck mentions his passion for the elegant and poetic intelligence of Arab literature stating “ It was a duty to give a tribute to all these masters of literature.” Phillppe Starck ended it by saying his vision on IDAM by adding his “touch of moralism and poetry with some fertile surprises to open the mind of the people who will be interested to dream and build a vision.” Alain Ducasse , the “architect of IDAM Cuisine”, the world’s most decorated chef. He said “ the origin behind this restaurant is lot to do with my travel to, Morocco, Lebanon, middle Eastern, Egypt, India and create this mix of Mediterranean cuisine with the mix of arabic culture. The cuisine makes it more palatable with lesser salt, lesser fat and lesser sugar.. We also wanted to have a fair price, according to the location where IDAM is nestled. However the prices have been decided by organizations, my idea was to connect with my vision. The cuisine has been prepared by understanding the expectations , meeting the needs of local, creation of special DNA, local along with modern cuisine.” They would be responsible not only for IDAM but other outlets in MIA. He has also given little importance towards vegetarian due to diversified culture in Qatar. My inspiration comes from a combination of the SouthWest of France , where I grew up and from the Mediterranean , which seduced me from a young age.”ßß _MG_8461.JPG_MG_8462.JPG Together with Executive Chef Romain Meder, Alain Ducasse presents a unique blend of Mediterranean cuisine for IDAM. A must signature Alain Ducasse Cookpot dish comprises seven vegetables lightly spiced, promising a unique, palate- pleasing creation. _MG_8445.JPG