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Posted On: 14 June 2012 07:06 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Hyatt Plaza appoints independent international fire and safety audit company

Khalifa Al Haroon
Khalifa Al Haroon
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Hyatt Plaza Mall Management took their mission to benchmark safety, security and quality standards by engaging international certification specialists, VELOSI, and management experts, VELOSI-QCCD, in a strategic alliance. Addressing a crowded press conference, Hyatt Plaza GM, Feroz Bin Moideen, expressed confidence that this alliance will serve not only to consolidate safety standards and measures already in place at Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall but elevate them into a continuous process of safety audits and improvements. He said: “Hyatt Plaza Mall has prided itself upon being recognized as a complete family shopping destination. We have always taken our responsibility towards our visitors, tenants, employees and their families very seriously. But I believe that the time has now come to go one step further. We believe that we must take full ownership and complete responsibility of securing the safety of those visiting or working on our premises. Periodic checks for the purpose of gaining a certificate of safety alone will not work. We must take ownership of our patrons as we take ownership of our properties. We owe this to society and look at it as a social responsibility.” As a first step towards this, we have appointed an international Fire, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental audit company Velosi to conduct an independent safety and security audit in our premises, including all the outlets in Hyatt Plaza. Feroz Bin Moideen highlighted that upon completion of the audit, we intend to form a Mall Management & Tenants Safety and Security Steering Committee that will play the role of a “self-regulatory” body. “This body will identify and highlight strengths and weaknesses in our own safety, security and quality systems and practices and keep us on our toes.” Speaking on behalf of VELOSI, Sudhir Pandra, Regional Manager, expressed confidence that his team of international safety and security auditors and consultants can help put in place systems and measures that are proactive, rather than reactive, and establish zero-risk benchmarks. While stressing that VELOSI was committed to do everything it could to make society a cleaner and safer place to live, he said: “We are proud to partner with Hyatt Plaza Management in their quest to put in place new, higher and more secure standards of safety, security and quality. The word ‘enough’ is not enough when it comes to protecting the lives of others. Safety is a continuous process with no finish lines. That is why we have committed ourselves with all our resources and expertise to establish an environment of secure shopping for Hyatt Plaza through this strategic alliance with them.” Emphasizing that peoples attitude towards establishing a safe and secure mall was as important as systems and technology, Dr. Shaukat Chandna, Managing Director of VELOSI-QCCD, said: “While institutions have responsibility towards the society, individuals have an equal and perhaps greater responsibility towards each other. Smoking in areas designated as ‘no smoking zones’, throwing litter, parking carelessly infringing upon the rights of pedestrians, running or walking in groups crowding out children or ladies – all of these are attitudinal violations. Our duty is to create this awareness in the minds of all who visit the Mall and public places, and those who work or conduct their business here, through training, dissemination of information, engaging people in fun and mind-games, and instantly rewarding those who demonstrate compliance.” Present at the Press Conference was VELOSI’s Mark Kenyon, chartered safety and health practitioner who is heading the Project Team. He said: "The project team will be undertaking a Fire, Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental audit of Hyatt Mall. The audit is a systematic review of the management procedures and practices to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the existing systems. Our main objective is to improve the existing processes and identify areas or gaps where improvements can be made. We will undertake audits and verification inspections of all of the interior and exterior areas of the mall, its tenants, kiosks and common areas. Recommendations for improvement will be reported to the Mall Management and monitored by VELOSI for implementation." In conclusion, Mr. Feroz Moideen added “We have full faith in the wise leadership of the country and in those who are responsible for managing public safety, security and health. We all must give full support to the authorities in making “Safety first” a permanent feature of our lives. ILQ News / Qatar News