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Posted On: 22 September 2009 12:50 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

How to Recognize Imminent Danger: 7 Essential Safety Rules

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How to Recognize Imminent Danger: 7 Essential Safety Rules Most people are good human beings, but there are some who are not. They are dangerous and hunt for victims. The good news is that you can keep yourself safe by following seven simple safety rules. 1. Be alert Pay attention to what is around you. Keeping yourself safe is a matter of paying attention to possible danger and avoiding it. 2. Use your senses Centuries ago, human senses were essential survival tools. Smell could signal the approach of a dangerous animal, or lead to a food source. Hearing could alert you to a predator creeping up, ready to attack. Taste could discern poisonous food. Never listen to music while walking -- stay alert to your surroundings. 3. Notice anomalies Predators often behave in odd ways. Look for odd behavior such as a couple or small group coming towards you whose attention is on you, and not on each other, or people lurking or loitering without visible reason. The best way to stay safe is to spot oncoming danger and avoid or evade it. 4. Avoid angry scenes and ugly crowds If you are at a club or a party and aggravation builds, leave the place immediately. If you are in a large crowd and the mood turns ugly, quickly move to the edge of the crowd and leave the area. 5. Keep together Lions hunting in the wild never attack the leaders of a herd. They attack the stragglers. Human predators follow the same strategy; they target people who are on their own. 6. Look big and show confidence If you are feeling threatened, walk fast and confidently. If you are lost in a foreign city, never stop and study a map under a street lamp -- it marks you as a possible victim. Always appear in charge of your actions. 7. Treat people well If you are aggressive or nasty to others, they may respond with aggression or even violence towards you. Your best defense against danger is to be a friendly and helpful person. full article on :