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Posted On: 11 September 2018 11:21 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:19 pm

How safe is Qatar to live in?

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Qatar is the safest country I have ever lived in, and I have lived in a few. In fact, according to the

  • 2017 Global Peace Index, Qatar is the number 1 country in the Middle East and North Africa for the 9th year running.
  • Safe Cities Index 2017 published by the Economist’s Intelligence Unit, Qatar is the 2nd safest city in the Middle East and 30th worldwide.
  • 2017 annual Global Crime Index by Numbeo, Qatar has the 7th lowest crime rate in the world.
  • London Institute for Economics and Peace report, Qatar ranks 30th amongst 163 countries in term of safety.

Qataris and expats, alike, feel safe and comfortable in Qatar as the crime rate is so low; any thefts that do occur in the country are mostly petty ones and do not involve any weapons. If you talk to the people who live here, they will tell you that many times, they may have left their mobile phone or watch somewhere, or some other personal belonging only to return to the same place and find it’s still there. This is something that doesn’t happen everywhere, yet in Qatar it is very, very common.

The Qatari Police Force is very efficient and strives hard to ensure all people who live in Qatar – locals and expats – feel safe and secure. There is a huge presence of police in the country and they are vigilant. Very little escapes their notice. Still, sometimes, we hear a news report stating that a gang has been active or has been captured by the police or Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Qatar for stealing things from people’s houses or from their cars.

Just recently, in August 2018, a gang of three was busted by the CID for breaking into people’s houses and stealing their valuables, mostly jewellery, money and electronic devices.

Before that, a five-member gang was caught by the CID after a thorough investigation of their thefts. The gang was stealing valuable items from people’s houses and was caught red-handed one day as they were leaving a house with expensive watches, money and the tools they used to break in with,

An online fraud gang consisting of 16 men was also discovered and caught. They were embezzling large amounts of money from people in Qatar on the pretext that they had won prizes which did not even exist.

African pick pocketers in Doha

Image Credit: Ministry of Interior

Last year, a gang of eight was arrested for pickpocketing in crowded areas around Doha.

Even though Qatar is a safe place in general, and these thefts are few and far between, it’s still always better to be safe than sorry. More often than not, it’s in a safe environment that we tend to relax on safety and security measures. And, this is what these gangs rely on and take advantage of. Read on to find out how you can protect your home and your car from break ins and theft.

Protecting your home and car from theft in Qatar

Read on to know how to protect your home and your car from break ins.

1. Protecting your home

a. Close your windows

Sometimes, when you feel the need for fresh air, you may want to open the windows of your home. Although, it’s a good idea to get some fresh air, if you live on the ground floor, you are at the risk of a break in through your open windows. Another thing to keep in mind is to not leave your windows open if you are planning on going out or when you are sleeping. Always check all your windows before you head out or when you are going to bed. Open windows are open invitations for people wanting to sneak in and steal.

b. Don’t announce your plans on social media

It’s best not to announce all over your social media that you are planning a trip and it’s also better to not post too many pictures on your social media showing people you are out of the area, especially if your profile is on public. You never know who may be on the lookout for just such an opportunity to rob you of your valuables.

c. Put your valuables in obscure places

Never keep your valuables in the most obvious storage places like cupboards or drawers in your bedroom, or under your mattress. If anyone were to break in, these are the first places they would be looking.

Some of the best hiding places include a safe that is fixed and not portable, inside a hollowed out book, emptied out food tins and boxes in the kitchen cabinet, in a plant pot that has a plant and soil in it, or amongst the children’s toys.

d. Know your neighbours

Take out time to know who your neighbours are. Be friends with them. That way, even if you are not home, they can keep a look out for you and you can do the same for them.

e. Keep your keys safe

Always keep your keys out of sight, especially if you have someone coming over for maintenance, to fix something or to clean the house, just in case someone takes your keys and gets them copied. If you have any spare keys for the main door, back door or the other rooms in your home, make sure to keep them safe where they cannot be easily found.

f. Changing the locks

Whenever you move to a new home, it’s always a good idea to change the locks on your main door and back one (if you have a back door), just to be on the safe side. You never know who may have a spare key: the landlord, the maintenance person, the rental company, previous tenants, etc.

2. Protecting your car

a. Lock the doors

Never leave the doors unlocked even if you are sitting in the car. Anyone can open one of the door’s, steal your belongings and make a run for it.

b. Close the windows

Another thing to remember is to close all the windows before you lock the car and leave it unattended.

c. Keep car keys safe

Car keys should always be kept in your pockets or your bag. Never leave them lying around for someone to take.

d. Don’t leave valuables in the car

Never leave valuable items in your car like mobile phones, watches, laptops, gaming devices, money, IPads, handbags, etc., especially in plain view or on the seats where everyone can see them.

Stay safe!

Do you think thefts are on the rise in Qatar? Have you ever felt unsafe in Qatar? Have you heard of any incidents of theft in Qatar? How do you stay safe in Qatar? Do let us know in our Comments section. Like and share the article - it keeps us going!

Cover image: Ministry of Interior