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Posted On: 23 July 2019 05:48 pm
Updated On: 3 March 2020 11:58 am

How Ooredoo can make the internet better in Qatar

Abdullah Amir
Abdullah Amir
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Lags in games

Qatar is the host country of the FIFA World Cup 2022 and that has all of us hyped! What we are also excited about is the gaming scene in Qatar. As the number of gamers rows in Qatar, people are focusing more and more on e-sports. We know this to be true because all the kids are playing Fortnite (an online game) these days!

Now, you may be wondering how Ooredoo comes into this picture? You see, to play games online, you need an internet connection and majority of the households in Qatar have Ooredoo’s fibre internet connection. Consumers who only use the internet to watch movies, videos or social media won’t have any problem with Ooredoo’s current offering because, in that regard, everything is just fine.

The problem is when gamers want to play games using Ooredoo’s internet connection. Here the most important thing is ping. Now, you may be wondering what ping is and what role it plays in gaming.

Ping is the latency between our internet connection (in this case Ooredoo) and the game’s server. It’s measured in milliseconds (ms); the lower the ping the better connection and less lag will be experienced by the players playing the game.

Why is it so important?

Glad you asked. Let’s take an example of the Fortnite scenario. You’re happy player playing the game; your ping is around 130ms vs other people from different countries who are getting around 80ms of ping. Life is all good until you kill a player, only later to find out the player didn’t die but has actually spawned to a different location.

What happened here?

Well, since your ping is higher you’ll see microsecond delays of things that are happening in the game. For example, you kill one player only to find out later that the player didn’t get killed and, in fact, moved to another location because the other player had a shorter latency, and so he was able to maneuver faster and the player who killed him wasn’t able to see that. This thing can ruin the whole experience of online gaming in Qatar. Considering Ooredoo has bagged so many awards and is a giant corporation, we think a solution to this problem should be their number one priority right now.

Why Ooredoo should fix this ping problem?

Aspire Zone has announced a collaboration agreement with WEGA to organise the world’s first e-sports tournament in The Middle East which will have the final competition in Doha in 2022. Considering this, we think Ooredoo should step up their game to not only fix this ping issue but to make it the best as there will be a lot of folks flying to Qatar to witness World Cup 2022 live and possibly players will also be playing the e-sports game.

How will this benefit Ooredoo?

Given Ooredoo is one the biggest brands in the Middle East and the only fibre internet service provider in Qatar, it only makes sense for them to fix this issue for upcoming tournaments and to expand the gaming scene in Qatar.

Below are the outcomes if they are able to fix the issue:

e-sports tournaments between countries will be possible with a low ping, so you can imagine having matches of popular games like Fortnite, CS:GO, PUBG, Overwatch, etc. The cost of arranging the tournaments will be lower and players from Qatar can participate in the tournaments without flying to another country.

Mr. Q (Your friendly neighbourhood Qatari), an avid Overwatch gamer has already complained about this many times. Given Qatar’s fast growing nature and the future of gaming here, the benefits for Ooredoo here are endless.

Here’s hoping after reading this article, someone from Ooredoo will step up and do something about us gamers in Qatar!