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Posted On: 15 August 2009 11:03 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Hotel to host Qatar’s first hip-hop event

Paper Boy
Paper Boy
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The Sheraton Hotel is set to host Qatar’s first hip-hop red carpet event this evening, with G-Unit’s Hot Rod promising to treat guests to a “brilliant performance,” and a “special, different, one of a kind” night. Hot Rod is a member of G-Unit and is a widely known artiste in the world of hip hop and gangster rap. He has performed in Qatar before, but this is the first time he will perform at the Sheraton hotel, and is also the first ‘Urban Stars Night’ using a red carpet and VIP theme. Sponsored by the website, the event has been organised by THI Promotions and their local partner, Bilal Taha. They explained that the night aims to serve up a large dose of hip hop in an environment that makes each guest feel like an important guest. CEO of, Khalifa Saleh Haroon explained that part of the reason for his involvement in the event was the opportunity to make people feel special. “I want everyone to enjoy themselves whilst they are in Qatar, and a major way of doing this is through events,” he said, adding “this night should make everyone feel special and like a VIP.” Taha explained that the ticket sales had been very promising so far, and that there were only a limited number of tickets available on the door for the event. He explained that preparation for this event had been easier than in April 2008 when Hot Rod first came to Doha, and said that although there are many rules and regulations when organising events in Qatar, they would not be put off inviting more stars to Doha. “We want to bring international superstars like Beyonce and Kanye West,” he claimed, adding “but we know that this will take some time.” The star that they have for tonight’s performance is equally optimistic about the future of music in Qatar. “This is a fresh, untapped market,” said Hot Rod, adding “Qatar represents a great opportunity for us and its going to be really big.” “That’s what I tell people like 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes when I see them in the US,” added the rap star, claiming that his experience and his status worldwide makes him a good pioneer for live music in Qatar and provide him with the ability to speak convincingly about performing here. Describing his own style, Hot Rod said it was difficult to label his music with a specific genre or name, but that he has a lot of “different talents” which he can bring together to cater to different crowds. Although he does like to collaborate with artists when touring to foreign countries, he said he was yet to find Qatari artists interested in working together, but claimed that if the opportunity ever arose it would be something that would interest him. However, that is something for the future. Right now, Hot Rod will be concentrating on producing one of his trademark energetic performances for the VIP crowd in Qatar in his own style – as he put it, “the real deal.”