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Posted On: 23 December 2012 01:44 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Hotel invites controversial Ukrainian DJs

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A luxury hotel here has lined up a show on the Christmas Day of a pair of young Ukrainian women disc jockeys (DJs) who is known for semi-nude photo shoots for some of erotic men’s magazines published from the West. The twosome goes by the name of ‘Duo Diamonds’ and a web search reveals that they play house music and perform with scanty clothing. They have performed in the UAE and Jordan and Qatar is the third Arab and Islamic country to be hosting them. The hotel that is organising the event has promised a ‘vibrant night’ with ‘unique and exclusive’ disc jockeys to its patrons in its announcement for Christmas celebrations on December 25. The identity of the controversial DJs has been kept a secret by the hotel as it probably wants those who turn up for the Christmas celebrations to be ‘pleasantly surprised’. However, a hotel official did confirm in remarks to this reporter that the ‘unique and exclusive’ DJs set to perform on the ‘vibrant night’ of December 25 are none other than the ‘Duo Diamonds’. The show that is sure to raise eyebrows in Qatar’s conservative society is set to be held in a particular ‘lounge’ of the hotel. There is no special fee for the event. Entry is free to the ‘lounge’ for those who hold a membership card, while guests can reserve a table by paying QR1,000 ($274) upfront. Membership cards are issued for the ‘lounge’ for QR100 to women and for QR200 to men and they are valid for six months. To reserve a table in the said lounge one must pay QR1,000 any day of the year. A web search suggests “Duo Diamonds are one of the most popular and actively performing girl DJs and have visited over 20 countries”. Originally from Kiev, Duo Diamonds have been on the cover of a Russian adult magazine ‘XXL’ and took part in anniversary celebrations of Moscow’s FHM magazine, a publication that targets male audiences. They have also taken part in photo shoots for other magazines targeting men such as ‘Guts’ from France and ‘Loaded’ from Ukraine. It is not known if the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) is aware of the show but it has urged foreigners, including visitors and expatriates, to ‘dress modestly’ in public in line with the country’s customs and traditions. The QTA last November joined a campaign waged by a group of Qatari writers on local social networking sites calling on non-citizens to respect Qatar’s traditions and values and follow the dress code as enshrined in the Qatari laws. The drive was backed by Article 57 of the Qatari Constitution that prohibits wearing ‘indecent clothing’ in public and explained what exactly is considered inappropriate, the QTA had said while joining the campaign. The Peninsula