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Posted On: 27 January 2012 06:47 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

High-octane chance for F1 enthusiasts

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Qatar’s F1 racing enthusiasts will get a rare opportunity to experience the thrills and excitement of racing at a three-day event to be held at the Lusail International Circuit from February 13 to 15. The event, being jointly organised by Best Lap F1X experience, a Spain-based professional F1 promoter and Doha’s Network Advertising & Events, will be the first of its kind experience for racing enthusiasts in the whole of the Middle East, according to the race partners who held a briefing at the venue of the Qatar Motor Show at Doha Exhibitions Centre yesterday. Best Lap F1X3 experience president and CEO Carlos Molla Bataller said the event would give an opportunity for racing enthusiasts to travel along with professional drivers at amazing speeds ranging between 200 and 300km/hour. The professional drivers for the event are trained at the highest levels of the F1 race and would train, guide and ensure the safety and security of co-travellers, he said. “In usual, F1 races, enthusiasts are not given the opportunity to board the vehicles for competition. However, in the race to be held in Lusail, they could travel with professional drivers at a fee,” said the Velencia-based professional race organiser. Bataller said the travellers are covered by two insurances, one from his company and the other by the agency which is organising the event. He said only 7,800 people have availed of the facility in the last eight years since they began their promotion and almost all were in Europe. Some events were also held in the USA and South Africa, said Bataller. Network Advertising & Events project manager Ebrahim al-Mousawi said the cars used in the race could accelerate from 0-200km in 5 seconds, and they weighed only half of what a usual F1 car weighs. “Because of such characteristics, it could even maintain higher levels of speed throughout the race, which will be spread over two days and one tight,” said al-Mousawi. Rally driver Nick, a member of the Bestlap team, said their company has given opportunities to many racing enthusiasts over the last eight years. “But the race in Doha would be unique as it is the first time we are coming here to give a real chance to the sport fans in this country,” he said. Prior to the race, security, safety and familiarisation training would be given to the participants, he said. Gulf Times