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Posted On: 19 March 2015 05:15 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

HIA: Don’t check in with others’ baggage

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Customs officials at Hamad International Airport (HIA) have warned passengers not to check in in their name baggage of strangers which might contain prohibited materials.

Officials have caught some passengers carrying others’ baggage in their name and recovered prohibited materials.

In such cases, the passenger in whose name a luggage is checked in will be held accountable for its contents, according to officials.

“Passengers are advised not to carry others’ bags and make sure about the contents before checking in because they will be fully responsible for such baggage checked in in their names.

“Several pieces of baggage carrying prohibited materials were seized,” Al Sharq reports, quoting Customs Authority as saying.

Meanwhile, customs officials at HIA caught a transit passenger from an Arab country for carrying 1,300 pills of tramadol, a narcotic used as painkiller and banned in Qatar.

The pills were hidden in the soles of the passenger’s shoes in a transparent wrapper.

The soles were re-stitched after putting the pills inside, said Ajab Mansur Al Qahtani, Acting Director, Customs Authority, HIA. Officials took the passenger to the inspection area after noticing his suspected movements.

Finally they cut the soles of his shoes and found the pills.

Last year, some 355 consignments of drugs, including hashish, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and narcotic pills and capsules, were confiscated.

The seizure included 23,973 pills, 888 grammes of hashish, 10kg of marijuana, 1kg of opium, 20 grammes of cocaine and 16 grammes of heroin, Al Sharq said.