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Posted On: 15 April 2013 02:26 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Healthcare facilities to pen agreements on standards

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All public and private healthcare facilities in the country will soon be asked to sign a contract with the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) committing themselves to meet the quality standards set by SCH. The SCH will monitor the performance of all these facilities based on this contract and those failing to fulfill their commitment will face action, including closure. The new system will also lead to introducing unified quality standards for public and private healthcare facilities in the country, a senior SCH official said yesterday. “The proposed contract involves a commitment by the health facilities to promptly and accurately report all their activities to our department. This will help us monitor their performance more effectively. Those performing well will enjoy the benefits and those lagging will face the consequences,” Dr Jamal Rashid Al Khanji, director of the Healthcare Quality Management Department at SCH tHe said the new contract is different from the licences issued to healthcare facilities, which is an official permission to operate in the country. “Now we will be having a direct contract with each facility that binds them to meet the quality standards or face action,” said Al Khanji. He said the performance of each facility will be monitored through ‘key performance indicators’ (KPI) that will be clearly mentioned in the new contract. KPI will include all aspects of healthcare such as admission rate, morbidity and mortality rates ( the number of people getting sick with a disease and those dying due to a disease), waiting times, among others. He said once the mandatory health insurance scheme is implemented in the country, the contract will be restructured to include the terms and conditions of the insurance cover. Source : Qatar Chronicle