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Posted On: 28 February 2013 09:47 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Health Education Program for Children at Garveys, European Family Village Doha

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“I want my kids to grow in to smart and handsome youth and not fatty and fluffy, lethargic beings,” said one of the mothers while seeking admission for her 9 year old son into the Go Kidz Go program. Go Kidz Go, a health education program for children between the ages of 7-12 years old, was launched at a new location at Garveys, European Family Village, Doha on 23rd February 2013. It’s an eight week youth development program and classes will be held every Saturday of the week. All arrangements for the program have been completed by Go Kidz Go. The program has already been completed successfully at schools in Doha like American Community School, Compass International School and Al-Jazeera Academy and has already inspired hundreds of local and expatriate children. Talking about the launch of GKG program at Garveys, the owner of the club said, “We are delighted that the program has been launched at our club. Wellness programs have been in vogue for adults, but this is for the first time that such a program has been launched for younger children that is providing them with an opportunity to lay the foundation of a superb healthy lifestyle from the beginning of their lives.” [/i]Nicole van Hattem, the CEO and Co-founder of the program who was also present at Garveys to assist her team, emphasised the importance of such programs in today’s world, she commented “according to pediatricians, the overuse of modern technology and computerised gadgets are rendering children addicted to sedentary posture, add to this the high volumes of processed and chemicalised foods and a lack of positive lifestyle role models, is causing obesity among them. Obesity, WHO reports suggest, is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases. As prevention is better than cure, the solution to prevent the new generation from the ills of modern life is to teach them early about making good choices, loving healthy food and daily exercise”. The Go Kidz Go healthy lifestyle program has been developed based on modern-research and the program is aimed at teaching children, in an enabling manner, how to keep fit, what to eat and how to behave. The 8 week program helps children to develop habits for a lifetime of healthy skills in areas of fitness, nutrition and character building. The main goal of the program is to educate, motivate and inspire children to live a healthy, smart and positive life. It seeks a change in the lives of Qatari residents and those of the world. Go Kidz Go is a children’s wellness program by Art of Abundant Living. About Art of Abundant Living: Qatar’s first health coaching company was founded in 2010 by Nicole van Hattem. The company delivers holistic health coaching and corporate wellness services, and healthy lifestyle products that can empower the health of individuals and benefit communities. The company’s website is a wealth of information on how you can live a successful life of balance, achievement, wellness and abundance.