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Posted On: 8 January 2020 05:14 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:21 pm

#Qatar is no longer banned on Instagram!

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In 2019, we noticed some reports that hashtag Qatar was banned on Instagram. The websites Techigem, Dapper Goat, Ideadeco and Honey Bee Social listed it as one of the banned hashtags on their articles. According to these sites, Instagram may temporarily or permanently block certain hashtags, in an effort to restrict spam in the app.

How to know if a hashtag is blocked or banned?

When a user searches for a blocked or banned hashtag in the Explore tab, this message shows up:

Recent posts from #______ are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram's community guidelines.

Users will also not be able to see Top and Recent post tabs as they normally see it on other hashtags.

Why does this happen?

According to a topic in Instagram’s Help section, Top or Recent posts can be removed by Instagram if people are using the hashtag to post content which is against Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

Here are some of the posts that are against Community Guidelines:

  • Posts involving nudity
  • Posts involving terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups
  • Posts involving drugs
  • Posts involving violence or attack anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disabilities, or diseases

What did Instagram say?

ILoveQatar.Net reached out to Instagram to request their official statement on the matter. And thankfully, we received a prompt response from them and here’s what their spokesperson said:

“The hashtag was hidden earlier due to misuse with inappropriate content which violated our community guidelines. The hashtag has since been restored since the violating content has decreased. It’s important to note that the name of a hashtag doesn’t always connote the type of content that appears on it and sometimes people will “crash” a hashtag with inappropriate content.”

To see the latest progress, we searched again for #Qatar on Instagram and this time it appeared in the search result.

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