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Posted On: 10 December 2012 10:37 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Hamad International Training Center and ConocoPhillips Hosted Villaggio Exhibition on Child Safety at Home

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Part of Kulluna for Health and Safety Campaign The Kulluna for Health and Safety Campaign organized by the Hamad international Training Center (HITC) and sponsored by ConocoPhillips Qatar hosted its third road show at Villaggio Mall this weekend. Visiting the campaign display Gary Sykes, ConocoPhillips President in Qatar stated: “We are extremely happy to continue supporting the Kulluna campaign organized by HITC and ConocoPhillips in cooperation with Safe Kids Worldwide. Awareness of the various hazards faced by our children at home is a very important task that we are happy to bring to the public’s attention. HITC has done a remarkable job of bringing on board a number of its experts to educate the public on how to keep our children safe and healthy. I hope that every parent and caretaker will take the time to talk to the campaign staff during this event at Villaggio mall and will go home with some hints and tips.” At the occasion of the event, Dr. Khalid Abdulnoor, Director of HITC and Senior Consultant Emergency Medicine, stated: “This display is dedicated to keeping our children safe at home. Each year more than 40,000 children aged 14 and under suffer injuries. In fact 85% of all injuries to children occur in the home and all of these are preventable. The injuries tend to fall into six main categories: falls, burns, drowning, being hit by cars in the driveway, choking and poisoning. This event seeks to educate the public on how to prevent such incidents.” Asked about the means of prevention, Dr. Rafael Consunji, Consultant Trauma Surgeon and Injury Prevention, responded: “We can’t stress enough the importance of supervising children at all times and making sure that they are in a safe environment.” He added: “Almost 80% of injuries in the home are fall related. Children are curious by nature and most of the time they are not aware of the risks of falling from heights when running and playing. It is very easy for them to slip, trip and fall.” In addition to injuries from falls, approximately 2,000 children suffer burns at home each year. Dr. Talal Al Hitmi, Senior Consultant and Head of Plastics and Burns, HMC, stated: “A child’s skin is much thinner than an adult’s and burns more quickly and deeply. Hot liquid such as bath water, hot drinks and hot objects, such as the cooker, iron, or hair straighteners, are all potential hazards. Biting on electrical cords or sticking fingers or objects in electrical outlets can cause electrical burns. Burns and scalds can cause death and serious injuries to children.“ A third hazard of injury around the house is choking and campaign personnel told us that around 200 choking cases are seen in the Emergency Departments each year. To address the risks of children choking, . Dr. Khalid Al Saadi, Senior Consultant Pediatric Emergency, stated: “This is a risk particularly to children under 4 as they put tiny objects up their noses or swallow them whole. Means of prevention can be as simple as making sure that young children do not play with toys designed for older children by checking the age prescription on the toys. At meal time, parents need to make sure that your young children are supervised at all time and eliminate hard or sticky sweets, nuts, seeds and popcorn, which all represent choke hazards.” Tragically children are also injured and even killed by being run over in the driveway of their home; a risk faced particularly by children aged 1-3 years. Dr. Rafael Consunji reiterated: “Again, supervision is a must near cars and you should always be aware of children when moving your car in the driveway” The road show further highlighted the risks of drowning for children. Dr. Dr Khalid Al Saadi, stated: “An increasing number of children drown in Qatar, predominantly due to lack of adult supervision and lack of fencing around swimming pools.” To bring attention to the risks of poisoning and swallowing medicines which may cause serious injury and death to children, Dr. Khalid Al Saadi said: “More than 500 cases of poisoning in children who have consumed something at home occur each year. Most poisoning accidents involve medicines, household products and cosmetics. The main reasons are, as usual, the lack of adult supervision, not keeping potential poisons out of reach of children and failing to use safety caps on medicine and products bottles. Another hazard is keeping chemicals in alternative containers, such as juice and water bottles. Poisoning can cause death and serious harm to children. Parents need to keep all household chemicals and cleaning products – including detergent tablets for the dishwasher or washing machine – out of sight and in cupboards with child-resistant catches – never under the sink or on the floor in the bath rooms.” The next Road Show on home Safety will take place early January alongside the Doha Trade Fair at the Doha Exhibition Center. For more information visit ILQ NEWS Kulluna---Villagio-mall---learning-is-fun-with-Kulluna-.JPG