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Posted On: 23 September 2015 05:42 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

GROHE SmartControl. The smarter way to enjoy water

Reem Fakhri
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GROHE SmartControl. The smarter way to enjoy water.

Taking modern shower control to the next level

GROHE presents a unique GROHE Rainshower® system featuring an innovative SmartControl push button technology. Personalising all shower functions has never been easier. The spray pattern can be selected and started by pushing one of the buttons on the wall-mounted chassis whereas turning the button allows to personalise the water volume. The push button technology is so straightforward and easy to understand that even children can use it intuitively. As a result, GROHE SmartControl delivers a perfect shower experience for every member of the family.

Comfortable “push and turn” operation

GROHE SmartControl takes the idea of comfortable showering to a new level. The newly designed push button integrates both the ON-OFF function and the volume control. Starting the shower only requires pushing the button with the intuitive symbol for the head shower spray pattern or the hand spray. The knurled edges of the push buttons allow to adjust the flow volume accurately even with wet hands simply by rotating them to the left or right.

Thermostat supports comfortable temperature presetting

The metal thermostat handle allows for comfortable presetting of the water temperature. It also features a SafeStop button which limits the temperature to a maximum of 38 degree Celsius; to go beyond this point, the user has to deliberately push the override button. The GROHE TurboStat® technology ensures that the chosen temperature is reached within fractions of a second and maintained reliably until the user chooses to change it. In addition, the GROHE CoolTouch® technology prevents the surface from heating up, thereby removing the risk of scalding.

The smoothly rounded and decidedly modern shape of the shower system’s chassis cuts a stylish figure in any shower. Flat-mounted to the wall, its robust body combines a futuristic look with playful interaction. The plane surface is covered by a safety glass tray to hold shampoo, shower gel and other body care products.

A new dimension of comfortable showering

GROHE SmartControl is available as part of a GROHE Rainshower® system comprising an innovative head shower and a hand shower set. The lozenge shaped GROHE Rainshower® 360 head shower echoes the elegant lines of the chassis body. Measuring an impressive 360 by 220 millimetres, it uses a high quality metal shower base to produce a wide-bodied and uniquely soft GROHE Rain O2 or Rain spray. The choice between the two patterns is made at the time of installation depending on users preferring the spray to be infused with air bubbles or not.

In addition, the head shower offers the relaxing TrioMassage spray, combining two powerful massage jets with the dynamically “breathing” GROHE Bokoma Spray™. With the self-explanatory push buttons being positioned on the shower systems body, it is easy to choose your preferred head shower spray, rainshower or massage, or to switch to the GROHE Power&Soul® hand shower. The latter sits in an adjustable holder mounted at the preferred position on the wall. The hand shower adds even more variety to the shower experience by offering as well a choice between the GROHE Rain O2 or Rain spray which can be selected by pushing the respective buttons directly on the shower head.

Concealed installation as an optional solution

As an alternative to the exposed installation, the head shower can also be mounted directly on the wall and combined with a hand spray set. This solution can be realised using discrete water fittings such as the Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan concealed thermostat with diverter. Whichever installation option is chosen, a superlative shower experience is ensured every time.

GROHE SmartControl is based on a technology developed through extensive knowledge transfer within the LIXIL Water Technology Group. Further optimised for GROHE, it delivers the kind of smooth operation and flawless functionality consumers rightfully expect of a new shower control system bearing the prestigious GROHE name.

GROHE SmartControl puts a perfect shower experience at your fingertips.