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Posted On: 30 August 2016 05:16 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

GoShop: An app that provides maps inside malls in Doha

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If you've ever felt lost inside huge malls anywhere in the GCC, then the GoShop app is most definitely a solution to your problem.

The GoShop app is a free mall discovery application where a user can search and explore different stores within malls using a smart phone.

Sajjad Abdul Kader, a 27-year-old Indian expat, co-founded the GoShop app with Mohammed, the CEO. Mohammed is the one who came up with the idea for the app.

"When Mohammed shared the idea with me, we initially planned to create a mall directory with indoor navigation," Kader said. "But we wanted to create something innovative and useful for the society."

According to Kader, the app was created for users and customers to have a better shopping experience. "GoShop bridges the gap between retailers and consumers, understanding their needs using technology," he added.

Shopping malls are the prime example of supply and demand. Malls tend to have massive floor plans and hundreds of stores, so it's difficult for people to locate the store they want to get to.

"In this era of digitization, shopping malls are an area which is yet to be explored. The more technology we bring into understanding a customer’s shopping behavior, the more we could deliver to the customers," Kader said.

GoShop is not just a mall discovery app, what makes it different is that it also provides a platform for users to share their shopping experiences.

Some of the GoShop app's features include:

  • Deals: With multiple promotions across different outlets in various malls, it is very difficult to keep track of all the offers and you end up losing a chance to get what you want for a good deal. With GoShop, you will know first-hand about sales, promotions and special offers in all your favorite outlets in all the malls. You can bookmark your favorite outlets or malls and get updates on any promotions.

  • Navigation: Huge malls with massive floor space always confuse visitors who are new to certain malls, resulting in wasting a considerable amount of time just in locating a certain store. With GoShop's In-Mall navigation guide, users can easily navigate around the mall using indoor maps and guides to discover much more than you were actually looking for.

  • Event Guide: Major shopping malls always have events: celebrity promotions, movie premieres, fashion shows, product launches and much more! GoShop lets you be the first to know what’s happening when and where and makes sure that you do not miss any event.

  • GoFeed: Get continuous updates and news regarding upcoming offers, promotions, product launches, movie premiere shows, events and lots more on GoFeed, a continuously updated stream of information along with posts updated by users.

  • Customer Interaction: In this era of social media, everybody wants to share their experiences online with friends. GoShop provides a platform for all shopping buffs to share their shopping experiences with friends and also to provide customer feedback to the numerous outlets in malls. With GoShop, you can virtually “check-in” at any mall, review, rate, and share your shopping experience.

  • Uber: GoShop also integrated Uber into the app, where a user can directly book a cab through the app.

According to Kader, GoShop is still planning to introduce even more features.

"There are more features we are planning to integrate in the near future for the customers to experience a virtual mall," he said. "Some of them are live navigation, live chat options with retailers, locating free parking slots, reserving parking spaces, tracking parked vehicles, a loyalty program, personalized vouchers and more!"

GoShop is currently available in the UAE and Doha. Around 85 malls have already been listed, along with 17,000 stores and outlets.

"We are getting a good response from the market and users. We're also working hard to retain our users and make them interact through the app," Kader said.

Kader and Mohammed plan to expand all over the GCC as well as the United States, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok and India. Their vision is to create a virtual mall experience for everyone.

"With our vision and focus, we think GoShop would make a good companion for shoppers."

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Do you ever get lost in huge malls? How does this app sound to you? Comment below!