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Posted On: 2 March 2016 11:29 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Going to Dubai? Then visit the mini-Qatar!

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An event is happening next door in Dubai that you don’t want to miss! An event showcasing the region’s culture, traditions, traditional products, and entertainment, Dubai is hosting their 20th season of showcasing GCC Pavilions at Global Village. Guests will be treated to a diverse shopping and cultural experience! It’s a fabulous opportunity to get to know the region and it’s traditions a little more intimately. Each pavilion is filled with rare and unique products that will entice GCC nationals, as well as visitors to Dubai.

If you go, make sure to visit the Qatar Pavilion. Efforts have been put forward to treat guests to a duplicate of Souk Waqif, our traditional forts (like Al Zubarah), and the traditional pigeon tower. In the evening guests will see the towers beautifully lit up and enjoy the ambience and festivities.

The Qatar Pavilion is renowned for its excellent range of products, such as traditional Abayas, perfumes, and Burqu’ that cover 35 different shops.

This year at Global Village’s Qatar Pavilion, the entire pavilion has been booked by exhibitors who have specifically come from Qatar to showcase their goods to guests, giving the Qatar Pavilion a brand new feel.

The GCC Pavilions are available for guests to visit throughout the 20th anniversary of Global Village from 4pm until 12am on Saturday to Wednesday, with Global Village extending its working hours on Thursday and Friday to be open from 4pm until 1am. The region’s leading family entertainment and cultural shopping attraction will continue to welcome guests until the 9th April, 2016.