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Posted On: 14 March 2017 04:32 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:17 pm

Going green with IKEA

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In the struggle for the welfare of our planet, how many of us truly have a thought to spare as the daily crush of busy lives and hectic schedules often preclude simple acts of mindfulness which can have a cumulative impact on the well-being of our environment? In the morning, rushing to get ready for work, we brush our teeth with the tap running, leave the house with the A/C left on, and toss away our non-biodegradable coffee pods to linger in landfills.

While sustainability is internationally prioritized on a global policy-making level among developed countries, at its core it’s a grassroots movement. In order for the concept to be successfully championed nationally, a shift in individual mindsets towards small, everyday acts of environmental heroism must first take place.

It’s here where IKEA is leading by example. Through its commitment to sustainability on all levels, to shop IKEA is to shop kinder. How you ask? Well, to start, their products.


(Photo: Recycling at IKEA is a company habit)

Green is good

Here are a few of IKEA’s top environmentally-conscious, energy-saving products and items that should be making your earth-friendly wish-list.

Ledare LED lightbulb -- Consuming up to 85% less energy and lasting 20 times longer than your standard incandescent bulb, there’s no doubt in our minds that this one’s a bright idea (pardon the pun!)

Granskär wash-basin mixer tap – You’ll never wash vegetables the same way again! It’s ‘Cold Start’ function saves up to 30% on energy as you just need to lift the faucet lever straight up to get instant cold water, while its mixer-tap mechanism reduces water flow while maintaining pressure –saving you up to 50% on water wasted.

Marjun block-out curtains – Keep out the light while keeping in the warmth, as these light-reducing curtains also help keep out draughts in winter and heat in summer – so less need to use that A/C!

Stabil boiling insert – This unique contraption allows you to boil multiple items in the same pot of water, reducing energy and extra pots and pans, which means extra loads of dishes!


(Photo: Bring your recyclables -- including old batteries -- to IKEA Qatar)

Sustainability for life

It’s one thing to sell green products – it’s another to also practice what you preach. Here’s a few ways that IKEA puts Mother Nature first which you might not know about.

1. They recycle all boxes and plastics they use.

2. They use energy-saving LED lights throughout the store and use mixer taps to save on water.

3. They sell an organic food range – and yes, their wild, free-range salmon tastes amazing!

4. Those lovely landscaped gardens around the premises…have recycled coffe grounds in the soil.

5. The majority of IKEA kitchens are made using recycled or repurposed material.

6. Batteries are one of the most harmful things that you can throw away as their chemical compounds leach into and poison the soil. Bring your old, worn out ones to IKEA Qatar and they’ll recycle them for you!

Many of these IKEA examples are ones that we can all easily incorporate into our daily lives. Because, if the journey towards global sustainability begins with a single step, then shouldn’t it be one we all take together? Learn more here.

Do you keep your home environmentally-friendly? Tell us how you do your part for the planet in the comments below and don’t forget to give us a like and a share!

(Selected photography by Zhan Temerkhanov)