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Posted On: 19 January 2010 12:44 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

‘Glimmer of hope’ in custody battle

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British mother Rebecca Jones has described the decision by a Qatari judge to bring her son to court as a “glimmer of hope” in her ongoing battle to regain custody of Adam, saying that the judge’s decision that the boy’s attendance is necessary feels like her first victory in the case. “I’m thrilled that Adam will be given the opportunity to tell the court how he wants to come home to his Mummy, Daddy and little sister, and that the court will have the chance to see how he is suffering,” she told Gulf Times yesterday. Jones, who claimed that her son was kidnapped when she was “tricked” into visiting the country in October last year, is particularly worried about the mental and physical state of her son, saying that he had been ill in recent weeks because of the stress surrounding the current situation. However, the most recent ruling in the case has given her some hope that she may be reunited with him on a permanent basis in the not too distant future. Earlier this week a judge ruled that Jones’ appeal will be held on February 11, and that both Adam and his 77-year-old grandmother who was originally awarded custody of him, should attend the court hearing. Jones is also fighting a court case to increase her visitation rights with her son, something that will be decided on February 3. She is hoping to be awarded more time with Adam, as well as the ability to spend time with him outside of the house in which he is currently living. “He seems to be ill because of stress and has been physically sick recently,” she claimed, adding “he is very upset and very nervous on each visit – the second I walk through the door he asks me when he can come home.” Another major concern for Jones is the educational aspect of her son’s life as it will shortly be the fifth month that he has gone without attending school. But for now, Jones is just looking forward to the court hearing in which her son will finally be given a voice. “I truly believe that the court will do the right thing,” she added.