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Posted On: 19 June 2016 10:16 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Garangao – Celebrating the children’s Ramadan festival

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Unique to the region, and known by other names in different Gulf countries, Garangao is a fun festival celebrated on the fourteenth night of Ramadan. This special night sees children dress up in their smart, traditional outfits, go out into their neighbourhood after they’ve had Iftar and go from door to door singing the special Garangao song.


It’s similar to Halloween in the sense that neighbors will be ready to greet and reward the children with bags of nuts and sweets that they’ve prepared or bought. However, there are no ghosts or spooky decorations to be seen, just the young and older generations enjoying this traditional festival that’s been passed down from their ancestors.

The festival has been said to get its name from the rumbling sound of the nuts and sweets in the large baskets they can be served from, or when they clang against each other in the small bags. It’s also said to have hailed from a celebration of children memorizing fifteen chapters of the Qur’an, and once recited parents would reward their kids with sweets and nuts.

It’s become a major event during Ramadan and there are several places where you can take part in the festivities.

Qatar Foundation

Where: Al Shaqab Indoor Arena

There is lots to see and do at this festival: face painting, storytelling, pony rides, prizes and more.


Relive the magic and innocence of your childhood memories with your children at the Katara Garangao Night.. Witness their happiness and joy of receiving gifts and candy in a festive Ramadan ambiance!

19th June

Activities from 6pm – 9pm

The Pearl

Where: Souq Al Medina, Medina Centrale

19th June, 9pm – midnight

The Gate Mall

Maktaba Qatar, the first children’s library is holding a fun program of craft workshops and storytelling at The Gate Mall. 19th and 20th June 8pm – 10pm

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