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Posted On: 25 June 2019 04:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:18 pm

Fun activities for kids in Qatar during the summer holidays

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Summer Activities

It’s that time of the year again when the kids are off from school in Qatar for the summer holidays. If you haven’t travelled home to visit family and friends or flown off to some fun holiday destination, and are staying in Qatar, that means your kids are probably spending more time on electronic gadgets than they should be or they are getting bored and driving you (or the nanny) crazy!

It’s time to take some action. It’s time to find creative ways to keep these kids busy, busy, busy so they can have some real fun.

I have put together a list of creative and fun activities for the kids, and ones that you can also do with them, that will not only keep them super busy, it will help you and kids bond more.

Outside the home

kids learning new skills and activities

1. Visit the Qatar National Library

Take them to the Qatar National Library and let them choose which books they want to read.

2. Enroll them in a summer camp

There are a number of fun summer camps available this summer for your kids to enjoy different activities and learn some new skills. Click on the following link for a list of summer camps available in Qatar this year:

3. Take them to kid friendly edutainmant places

Participate in the various kids activities taking place all over Qatar. You could take them to KidZania, KidzMondo, Al Thuraya Planetarium, Escape Room, Adventure Rooms and other similar places where the kids can have fun and also learn some new things!

4. Take them swimming

Take the kids swimming. It's good physical exercise, lots of fun and will help cool them down during the summer in Qatar.

5. Visit the museums in Qatar

Take the kids to the different museums in Qatar. Each and every one of them has something different to offer and there are activities there for kids as well. For more information on the museums in Qatar, click on the link:

6. Indulge in a water fight

Have a water fight outside with friends. Nothing beats getting soaked in the summer heat to cool down.

7. Encourage them to learn a new skill

Encourage your kids to learn a new skill. Perhaps, they can learn how to ice skate in one of the malls in Qatar, martial arts (there are a number of different academies in Doha), roller blading or skateboarding. There are lots of different options.

8. Go bowling with friends

Gather a bunch of your kids friends and go bowling. The kids will absolutely love it and so will you. Challenge each other on the bowling lanes, see who scores the most points and enjoy some exhilarating fun and entertaining exercise! It's a lots of fun and the kids will stay occupied for quite some time!

9. Go to the park

Take the kids to the park when the weather is cooler in the evenings. Check out our list of parks in Qatar and choose a different one each week:

Inside the home

1. Encourage them to read

Reading books is a very healthy habit and helps kids to grow and develop. Encourage your kids to read books. Buy them books or take them to the library so they can choose what they want to read, and then set out some time during the day when they should put everything else aside and read.

2. Create arts and crafts

Encourage them to improve their drawing and colouring skills, make arts and crafts using things from around the home or gather rocks and large stones, paint on them and create their own art work.

3. Cook with your kids

Help your kids bake cookies or pizza. Give them little chores like cutting fruits and vegetables (under your supervision, of course), get them to mix things for you and cook or bake together. The kids will love it

4. Play board games

Play board games like Monopoly, Game of Life, Scrabble, etc. and watch the time fly

5. Teach them to play a new game

Many kids from this generation are unfamiliar with how to play games like Chess, Checkers or Bingo. The summer holidays is a great time to teach them how to play these games.

6. Watch movies together

Whip up a batch of popcorn, turn off the lights and watch family movies together. It’s a great way to bond.

7. Build with Lego

Encourage the kids to build things using their imagination with Lego or building blocks.

kids playing fort

8. Build a fort

Build a fort with the kids with cartons and other items that lie around the house like blankets, sheets, etc. Your kids will love the concept of having their very own fort and will spend hours in it.

9. Arrange play dates with friends

Help the kids plan a play date with friends. Invite the friends over and watch the kids play together and build relationships.

10. Build a race track and race cars

Make a race track with different obstacles and courses and and watch your kids race their toy cars along the track.

11. Make paper aeroplanes

Get the kids to make make paper planes with different designs and shapes, fly them and see whose flies the farthest.

kids playing jigsaw puzzle

12. Make a jigsaw puzzle

A great way to teach kids patience and to have some fun is to buy a big jigsaw puzzle and encourage your kids to complete the puzzle piece by piece.

13. Exercise with the kids

Make a routine with your kids and set some time aside during the day to do some exercise. This will, not only, keep them busy, but will help keep them healthy and active during the hot summer months in Qatar

14. Get them to write journals

Help the kids make a journal of what they do in the summer holidays and all the places they visit.

15. Set up a treasure hunt

Get creative and set up a treasure hunt for the kids with a fun prize at the end. It’s sure to keep them busy for a while.

Do you like our list of activities for kids this summer? What kind of activities do your kids do during the summer holidays? Do you have any other tips? Don’t forget to like and share-it keeps us going!