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Posted On: 20 December 2009 12:29 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Fresh Hope For BA Passengers This Christmas

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The union representing 96% of BA cabin crew 'Unite', has asked BA to return to the table for more talks this afternoon. With the legal challenge mounted by BA also going to court this afternoon, and the unanimous public condemnation of Unite's planed '12 Days of Christmas' strike action, it is my belief they have seen the error of their ways and are asking for talks at last. I have just been comparing wages and benefits for cabin crew across multiple airlines, and BA are paid more, get more holiday entitlement and more benefits than any I can find listed. In an attempt to save the company BA are not looking to cut the wages of their cabin crew, only to freeze it, and they also want to drop 1 cabin crew member from flights, reducing the count from 15 staff to 14, that's it. And Unite think it is acceptable to ruin the Christmas of an estimated one million families for this? I am disgusted in them and I have yet to read a story anywhere supporting them. Also PM Gordon Brown has started to get involved, and whilst I don't like the guy if he can turn this around I would consider him to be Father Christmas. I am beginning to feel a little more optimistic, and will post back here as soon as I have news of the breaking events to prevent this strike from happening, that are taking place this afternoon.