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Posted On: 13 September 2009 10:15 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Four jailed for 10 years for impersonating police officers

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The Criminal Court has sentenced four men to 10 years’ imprisonment and deportation upon completion of their jail term after they were convicted of impersonating police officers and stealing more than QR43,000 from the residence of three Asians. The foursome — two Palestinians, one Indian and one Pakistani — entered the residence of three Asian workers at 2am and claimed they were from the Criminal Investigation Department. The group woke up one of the residents and tied him to a chair in his room using a wire, and then locked the other two inside the bathroom. They then stole around QR43,000 from their residence. Later, the victims later went to the police to file a report about the incident. The police formed a criminal investigation team to find the criminals. The team was able to nab the four and questioned them. Each of the gang of four confessed to their involvement in the crime. One of the four criminals admitted that he had agreed with the other members to commit the crime and he had given them the plan to execute the heist. The criminal explained that he committed the crime out of vengeance because one of the victims had not returned him money he had borrowed. He also said that he had agreed with the rest of the group to equally split the money amongst them. The rest of the group also confessed during the court hearing and they were all sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment and deportation upon completion of their jail term.