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Posted On: 7 March 2019 11:00 am

Five ways Vodafone GigaNet is transforming the world as we know it

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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By Vodafone Qatar

The digital era continues to bring with it exciting and gigantic global interconnectivity. From complex business processes to personal mobiles, companies and individuals now have access to instant connection at the touch of a button. At Vodafone, our aim is to harness rapid technological changes for the better and to improve how we live, work and operate businesses. With Vodafone GigaNet – amongst the best networks in the world – we’re accelerating Qatar’s journey towards becoming one of the most technologically advanced on the planet. Through phenomenal speeds, great coverage and innovative smart technology for personal and business use, GigaNet is putting a world of opportunity into our hands.

Revolutionising healthcare

Revolutionising healthcare

GigaNet has the potential to transform healthcare by opening up access to the best medical care no matter where you are. This can happen in several ways - faster internet connection speeds and lower latency – meaning the time it takes for two devices to connect to one another – means medical procedures can be conducted remotely, and surgeons will be able to diagnose and operate from the far without the patient feeling the difference. This results in a quicker and more efficient healthcare provision, wherever you are.

Enabling business success

Vodafone Qatar is accelerating Qatar’s journey towards becoming one of the most technologically advanced on the planet.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of any economy. In a world that is moving faster and becoming more connected, businesses need to rethink their models to capitalise on this transformation. That’s where GigaNet comes in. Simply put, it’s a game-changer for entrepreneurs, helping them to connect the ideas of today with the technologies of tomorrow. It enables the dreamersand pioneers to reimagine a better future, continuing the disruption of industries for growth and sustainability. Building on GigaNet 4G+, 5G and fibre network infrastructure, future-focused enterprises are developing the applications, digital services, products and solutions of the future.

Transforming the learning experience

Technology like Artificial Intelligence(AI) is transforming the learning experience. In a world where 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been invented yet, effective education is one that prepares children with the skills of the future. Digital technology plays an exciting role in this by providing learning models that are increasingly personalised. From programmes that adapt to students as they learn, to software that allows educators to facilitate learningin classrooms, technology will undoubtedly improve education outcomes. GigaNet will enable the next chapter in the field of education, leading to learning models that are more immersive, engaging and rewarding than we could have ever imagined.

Smart-home technologies that improve how we live

Smart-home technologies that improve how we live

GigaNet will mean ever greater convenience and comfort, leaving us more time for the things in life that really matter. Imagine turning on your coffee maker from the comfort of your bed, or setting your security alarm as you park up your car. Soon we’ll be able to connect all our devices and appliances at the push of a button on our phones or tablets. Future homes are smart homes where everything is connected; from appliances to lighting, and from security to televisions. Each device will communicate with one another and will be capable of being controlled remotely by a time schedule and from any room.

Enhancing the fan experience

Vodafone Enhancing the fan experience in Qatar

In a country that is rapidly becoming a global hub and hosts more than 80 events annually, GigaNet will transform how we watch, play and participate in sport. Smart stadiums can help deliver a personalised fan experience providing information to attendees on parking availability, concession lines, special offers, seats, and more. In an increasingly digital world, sports enthusiasts have different expectations of what makes an engaging fan experience. The transformative potential of communications technology enabled by GigaNet will play a key role when the country hosts the world’s biggest sporting event in 2022.

Across every aspect of our lives, Vodafone’s GigaNet network inspires us to reimagine our future and get more done anywhere, anytime whilst connecting us to the people and things that matter most. Join Vodafone today and experience a world-class connection in Qatar. The future is exciting. Ready?