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Posted On: 20 April 2022 01:02 pm
Updated On: 20 April 2022 01:44 pm

First of its kind desert retreat in Qatar - Heenat Salma

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Desert retreat in Qatar Heenat Salma

Heenat Salma is a multidisciplinary project dedicated to holistic methods in agriculture, architecture, and community development. We have successfully transformed a local conventional farm into a regenerative organic one that grows desert-friendly plants, vegetables, diversifies local food production and contributes to a renewable, home-grown food supply in Qatar.

This project is about shaping the mindset of future generations by raising awareness, promoting education, and spreading traditional knowledge, and values of goodness and truth to a younger generation. We offer a truly unique experience, an opportunity to learn while getting a firsthand engagement in farming and gardening in a real working environment.

“At Heenat Salma, our initiative is centered around 7 key themes: Agriculture, Wellness, Food & Beverage, Lodging, Events, Artisanal Concept Stores, and a Creative residency. We aim to serve farm-to-table curated menus using our 100% organic farm produce, slow cooked to perfection using artisanal techniques providing wholesome and nutritional food” said Farah Al Yasin, Head of Creative Residency at Heenat Salma.

We currently oversee and grow over 50 different crop varieties of homegrown organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products and will soon feature naturally sourced honey and meats. Our Majlis area offers relaxing warm spaces for an experience full of wellness. These include a therapy room, an outdoor terrace, and a lap pool with holistic massage and meditation to balance physical and mental health. Promoting ethical action through engaging with people, we offer educational programs engaging children and adults with the arts, crafts, agriculture, architecture, and sustainable design thinking.

“With the FIFA World Cup 2022 fast approaching, we expect to showcase our holistic offerings to a much wider international audience by providing a variety of traditional lodges for residents and visitors to stay at Heenat Salma and experience first-hand curated offers that will leave them with a sense of rejuvenation, calm, spiritual awakening and balance.” said Ms Al Yasin.
Source: Press Release
Cover image credit: Karen Dexter Photography