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Posted On: 18 September 2011 02:08 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Filipino film shot in Doha

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DOHA: A group of young Doha-based Filipino film makers have submitted their first ever Indie film entry “I Love You Ma’am” to the Doha Tribeca Film Festival (DTFF) 2011. Filmed entirely in Qatar, the 45-minute movie was submitted as a feature film by producer-actor Carlo Yan and director Jan Xavier Pacle which is also the first entry from South East Asia to the prestigious film festival. The movie’s story revolves around a relationship rekindled by a male teacher and a young female student when they accidentally meet again in a school in Doha where both have already become teachers. The lead actor played by Yan whom in the movie falls in love again with his leading lady but the situation becomes complicated as both are just separated from their previous marriages making the climax of the story even more complex. “I love You Ma’am” is a low-budget film with most of the casts played their roles for free just for the passion of being exposed to the glitz and glamour world of movie acting but the production could be at par with a high quality multi-million peso highly commercialised Filipino movie. Only shot with a Canon DSLR which had been a fad for Indie film makers nowadays, the production of the screen plays looks pretty good in its trailer posted on the movie website which can be credited to the talent and skills of 24-year-old director Jan Xavier Pacle whose other film “Finding Faith” was accepted as an entry to Festival de Cannes 2011 and National Film Festival in Seattle, Washington. Yan, 25, had a short stint in the TV drama series in the Philippines that he was the only one who was exposed to the camera while the rest of the casts were first timers in movie role playing. Even if she is neophyte, lead actress Lhai Borja, a front desk receptionist and a part-time model, played her role so professionally that she could project her emotions very well with just a few takes on camera that many of her fellow casts said she has a bright future if given the breaks to the Philippine movie industry. Other casts include Pilar Grace Cruz, Markie Beltran, Jay Torres, Edizon Mandap, Hershey Roldan, Ella Regalla, Ariene Austria, Israel Malabanan, Nick Gonzales, Mon Sarmiento,Inah Macapinlac, John Paul Gonzales, Kare Regalado, Angel Mallari, Ralph Regalado, Kyla Lyka, Regina Borromeo, Adriana Escoto, Sugar Divine, Andie West, Stacey Canicosa, Jemelyn Agustin, Arcel Austria, Chelle Tabvorah and Sarakiel Tandingan. There were other nationalities who took their bit roles including Dhon Tse, Kaewruethai Ian Collings and even well-known event organiser Bilal Taha, CEO of Golden Relations. The Peninsula