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Posted On: 17 February 2009 10:21 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Female students on rise in Qatar

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Paper Boy
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While female registration at the basic education level in Qatar increased to 94% in 2006 from 88.5% in 1991, the rate of female students registering for the post-secondary education fell from 39.8% in 1991 to 33.2% in 2006, a report issued by the Saban Center for Middle East Policies at the Brookings said. The report, which was launched on Sunday at the US-Islamic World Forum which concluded yesterday, relied on the widely-read and controversial UNDP report on human development 2003 to make an assessment of the developments which took place in the Arab nations during the five-year period followed the UNDP report. According to the report, Qatar was ranked 35th among the Arab countries with a high human development index while Kuwait ranked 33rd. However, all the non-Gulf Arab nations fell in the average human development index with Sudan, Djibouti and Yemen ranking147, 149 and 153 respectively. The report, titled “Building knowledge society in the Muslim world”, also voiced concern over the status of human development in the region and obstacles in the way of developing a knowledge based societies. Although the report cautioned against the low rate of the annual scientific publications in the Arab world, it said the scientific publications increased significantly in Qatar, Egypt, Algeria, and Tunisia during 2005 and 2006 topping all the other Arab countries. On attracting talents, Qatar came second to the US as a destination for talents, followed by Japan and Singapore. According to the report, the Arab society made relative progress in access to education and economic vitality since the 2003 UNDP report was issued. However, the report said such progress was “not sufficient to address the potential challenges.”