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Posted On: 3 August 2011 07:04 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Ezdan transactions down 15%

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The stage of the real estate sector continued its quiet phase during the past week, as confirmed by the weekly report of Ezdan Real Estate Company, which referred to the recession that accompanied the real estate transactions since the second week of July. Ezdan Real Estate The real estate market, the country still under the influence of the summer holidays and the absence of many real estate investors from the country, pointing out that the transactions last week, has declined by 15.8 percent compared with the previous week, according to official data issued by the Department of Real Estate Registration Department Justice, which indicated that the volume of property transactions during the past week amounted to 272.9 million riyals. The return to the trading week, it has made Doha Municipality lead in the order of the value of transactions during the past week, compared with other municipalities, and the value of transactions in the municipality of Doha 135.4 million riyals a rate of 49.6% of the total transactions of the week, and through the implementation of 31 deal, and a decline for the week Previous by 23.5 percent. The value of the top deal in the Doha Municipality 20.1 million riyals, the plots of land in the area of the pile of the Doha Municipality area of ​​3404 square meters calculates 5920 rials per square meter, has also been home for sale housing in the dam area of ​​320 square meters at 10.2 million rials, was home for sale to live in Freij AED bin area 495 square meters price of 10.7 million riyals, were sold in public housing Freij bin Omran area of ​​1740 at 8.8 million riyals riyals. The report pointed out that the biggest deal ever been recorded during the last week was the sale of land space in the area of the pile of the Doha Municipality value of 20.1 million riyals, and the total area of ​​3404 square meters land calculates the price per square meter is about 6 thousand riyals.