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Posted On: 11 June 2014 02:51 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Expected Heat Wave with Strong Winds

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The country is affected with a wave of high temperatures during the coming days, where it will reach between 45 to 49 degree Celsius over all areas during noon time and it is expected to be in the 30’s during the evening. This increase in temperature is considered as normal during this time of summer and it is due to the deepening of the Indian Monsoon Low over the coast of Arabian Gulf. This generally results in increase in temperatures over the Arabian Gulf areas. Climatologically, the highest temperature recorded during June over the past 52 years is 49 degree Celsius that occurred in Doha in 2010. This extension of the Indian Monsoon Low will also push Northwesterly winds over the coast of Gulf knows as ‘Bawarh’. It is also expected during next coming days that the Northerly wind speed increases to strong at Inshore and Offshore, which will further lead to an increase in the sea wave state of Offshore to become high. It will also lead to decrease in horizontal visibility, especially in the open areas and highways due to the anticipated rising of dust. In this back ground, the Qatar Meteorological Department calls upon everyone to take adequate precautions - See more at: