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Posted On: 18 November 2009 09:47 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Excellent Performance and Fun Adventure at Volvo Desert Drive Day

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The Happy Crew
Doha - It was a beautiful day with lots of November sun plus a nice breeze when Volvo owners gathered for a day in the desert, driving their own XC60s and XC90s. Event organizer DOMASCO-Volvo started the day with a short talk giving some desert driving tips and deflating tyres for the desert drive. The group was excited to try out their vehicles as they traveled south of Doha setting out for the Inland Sea, or Khor al-Udaid as it’s known locally – a desert meeting the channel of water between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The DOMASCO Volvo team was keen to have the owners experience the capabilities of their vehicles and likewise guide them by making sure any concerns were addressed before the ride. “With Doha being surrounded by so many deserts it was truly a pleasure organizing a day for our Volvo clients to try out the off-road competence of their XC series vehicles” said Graeme Newport, Managing Director for DOMASCO. “The Qatar landscape presents a great opportunity for many outdoor activities and you need a capable, comfortable and safe vehicle to enjoy what the Arabian terrain offers” he continued The convoy of 15 Volvos was well on their way with most of the owners trying out their cars in the desert for the first time. Volvo’s torque at low range and the All Wheel Drive off road capabilities began to shine as the troop swerved, climbed and handled dune drops confidently en route to the Inland Sea. “Many are surprised at how such a safe vehicle actually has all this off-road strength too. Volvos have always been known for safety and the qualities that make the Volvo an enviable ride in city driving are the same features that make driving on rough, unpredictable and harsh conditions such as the desert a better experience” explained Glen Mercer, DOMASCO-Volvo Service Manager who organized the adventure. The group enjoyed a refreshing swim and a sumptuous barbeque spread on reaching the beach at Inland Sea and a fun time with family and friends was had by all. The trip was capped back at the Sealine meeting point with awarding of desert driving certificates to drivers and distributing Volvo memorabilia for the fun-filled day. “I am sure we all underestimated just how capable our vehicles are” confessed Volvo owner Paul Blackadder who drove his 3-year old XC90 packed with 4 passengers and camping gear. “Now we know with confidence what they can really do. The demo drives with your staff, together with the exhibition by Volvo owner Mr. Abdulaziz in his red XC90 Sport, were real eye openers!” he enthused. “Thank you to the Volvo team for the enjoyable time we had with co-owners and now I know that my Volvo can!” added Volvo XC60 owner, Khalid Al Mohannadi. “We had a fantastic time! Excellent Volvo adventure, great trip, great organization, great company, great food, great venue, great excitement, great memories, great everything!” said Stan Wypych, Volvo owner driving his Volvo white XC60 that day. “We will be making the Volvo Desert Adventure a regular activity for DOMASCO and we look forward to more fun experiences with our Volvo clients” remarked Graeme Newport. The Volvo Convoy.JPGPowerfully ascending the dunes.JPGIMG_6186.JPG