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Posted On: 21 April 2013 12:48 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Evening traffic blues at Karwa Roundabout

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The Karwa Roundabout experiences heavy traffic congestion between 5pm and 6pm every day, increasing the risk of huge trucks crashing into small vehicles while trying to cross over to the other side. The situation is particularly grave on weekdays, when vehicles travelling towards the Industrial Area from Doha via Abu Hamour Road could be seen jostling for space in a serpentine queue, moving at a snail’s pace as they look to cross the Karwa Roundabout. While heavy vehicles mostly trucks and buses transporting labourers have the priority to cross over to the other side, cars and other smaller vehicles coming from Ain Khalid are forced to wait for a long time before they can venture into the roundabout. The other option for them is to try and find a way through the maze of monstrous trucks and huge buses, which exposes them to the risk of being hit by the bigger vehicles. There have been a considerable number of cases of vehicles crashing into one another at the roundabout. Fortunately for their occupants, no or minor injuries are reported due to the slow speed of the vehicles involved in the mishap. But the vehicles, particularly the small ones, often sustain serious damage after being hit by trucks and buses. As the roundabout has no traffic lights to ensure smooth vehicular flow, it depends on the motorists’ driving skills and level of alertness to cross the road swiftly and safely. Many residents who use the road during the rush hour have voiced their complaints and some have even contacted a popular radio programme in Qatar, demanding that the issue be addressed immediately. However, the situation has not changed yet, they say. Several commuters suggested that a temporary solution would be to post policemen from the traffic department at the roundabout to regulate vehicular movement during the peak hours, giving priority to the busiest stretch. “This is the most practical solution for the time being as all roundabouts may be removed in time and turned into intersections. However, other than the peak hours, the road is okay,” said a motorist, whose view was echoed by many others.