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Posted On: 4 April 2012 05:41 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

EDUCATION: ACS Doha International School Launches Fund Raising Campaign to Support UNICEF Project

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ACS DOHA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL LAUNCHES FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN FOR UNICEF Donates money to support UNICEF project – ‘Schools for School-in-a-Box’ Students, staff and families of ACS Doha International School recently launched a fundraising drive to support the UNICEF project ‘Schools for School-in-a-Box’, initiated through the supply division of the United Nations Children’s Fund and designed to provide access to education for disadvantaged children all over the world. The charity drive, proposed by the ACS Doha Student Councils and organized in collaboration with the Parent School Organisation (PSO) and teachers of the school, was created to raise money for the charity fund in conjunction with UNICEF’s World Education Games. “When the Omani adventurer Nabil Al Busaidi, the first Arab to walk to the magnetic North Pole, came to talk to our school, he inspired the students to raise money for those less fortunate. We agreed to find a charity to support his goal of collecting $1,000,000 for charity from schools he visited in the Arabian Gulf. The Lower and Middle School Student Councils chose UNICEF as the charity to support.” Said Robert Boehm, Grade 5 teacher and Lower School Student Council Coordinator. The ACS Doha community enthusiastically took on the cause and hosted numerous fund raising campaigns including multimedia presentations to the students and a bake sale. In one week, the school was able to raise QR 11,000 through the generous contributions of parents, teachers and students of the school, exceeding their target goal of QR 8,600. “This is a fantastic collaborative effort of both the student council and the PSO. We were able to drive greater support and communicate with other parents to solicit their contributions towards the project via email, social media and through the student councils.” Hasna Nada, president of the ACS Doha School PSO commented. Dale Taylor, the Middle School Principal added, “The support from the student council and PSO was not only vital but also greatly appreciated in ensuring a successful fund raising exercise. The charity drive, which was ACS Doha’s first, allowed everyone to participate in a worthwhile activity and give back to the global community. Providing education to children throughout the world no matter their circumstances is a much needed initiative and one that our students and teachers greatly support.” Commenting on the charity drive, middle school student, Olivier Perry, spoke on behalf of the student council, “Generosity is a key element of our philosophy. It feels really good to be part of a cause that helps UNICEF bring education to the doorsteps of disadvantaged children in disaster hit areas of the world.” The donations will be sent to UNICEF who in turn, will use the financial resources to purchase boxes that contain educational supplies and materials for a teacher and 40 students per box. The supplies include 80 carrier bags, 48 crayons, 200 exercise books, 100 pencil sharpeners, 144 pencils and 120 erasers. Also included in the box are 144 slates pencils, 100 rulers, 40 safety scissors, 40 student slates, 600 chalk sticks and other teaching materials. ACS DOHA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL LAUNCHES FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN FOR UNICEF/2 The school-in-a-box charity drive is part of UNICEF’s standard response in emergencies, used in many back-to-school operations around the world. The purpose of the kit is to ensure the continuation of children's education by the first 72 hours of emergency relief operations. The contents of the kit are culturally neutral, can be used anywhere in the world, and are often supplemented by locally purchased products, such as books in local languages, toys, games and musical instruments. Exercise books are printed without margins, so that children who write from left to right or from right to left can use them. - ILQ news -