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Posted On: 13 April 2010 06:55 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

:eco:Vodafone Launches Mobile Recharger Powered By The Sun

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13 April, 2010: Vodafone has launched, first time in Qatar, a mobile recharger powered by one of the cleanest source of natural energy: the sun. The Solar Mobile Recharger, which has been exclusively made for Vodafone will allow users to recharge their mobiles and, at the same time, respect the environment. User can keep in touch non-stop with their friends and family and be comforted to know that they can use the recharger in emergency situations. More so, users are set you free from the cost, wires, and hassle of rechargeable or bulky backup batteries. "Have you ever been stuck somewhere with your phone running out of power and you didn't have a phone charger with you? – Well we live in Qatar; the perfect place to harness the power of the sun,” said Lanre Animashaun, Head of Terminals, Vodafone Qatar. The Solar Mobile Recharger has a built-in battery with a high efficiency photovoltaic solar cell to collect energy. It also contains a rechargeable lithium lon battery to store users’ solar power for up to 12 months at a time, plus it is compatible with hundreds of mobile phones, over 500+ mobile products like GPS device or digital cameras and many more through the optional universal tip cable "The Solar Mobile Recharger is a perfect combination of mobility and clean energy, "said Luisa Gentile Head of Corporate Social Responsibility. "It works wherever there is sun: at the beach, on an airplane or camping in the desert. It only requires ambient light to produce power. It absorbs light energy through the use of solar collectors which then turn that renewable, clean energy into electricity. By converting sunlight into power and give life, it helps the environment by producing no pollutants. And once the device has completed its lifecycle, we invite our customers to keep respecting the environment and drop it in our recycle bins located in all Vodafone’s retail stores," continued Luisa Gentile The solar mobile recharger can b purchased from Vodafone’s on-line store at the price of 99 QAR. ILQ News