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Posted On: 19 July 2009 10:18 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

:eco:Need for more desalination plants: report

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In view of Qatar’s rapid economic development and urban expansion besides a steady increase in population, more than half the quantum of water required for the country will have to be from desalination plants, says an investigative report published in a local Arabic daily. There has been a three-fold increase in the output of desalinated water since 1995. The total volume produced in 2008 was to the tune of 321 million cubic metres. But it is not adequate to cover the individual level of consumption. There is an imperative need to educate the public on the need to economise and be self disciplined in the use of water. Such a restraint from the public will go a long way in reducing the fear of water scarcity in the future. Qatar has two main under ground water tables: one in the Shemal (north) and the other in the south. However, due to the paucity in rainfall these water tables do not get replenished.