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Posted On: 8 December 2009 03:39 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

:eco:Green building on Doha meet agenda

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The latest techniques to save energy and water and modern ways for efficient waste management are to be discussed and demonstrated at “Doha Green” conference and workshop, slated for December 9-10. The two-day conference, being organised by Friends of the Environment in co-operation with Unesco and Sesam Business Consultants, will be held at the Moevenpick Tower and Suites, touted to be the first green hotel in Qatar. Friends of the Environment board member Nessreen al-Hashemi said that the conference, which is the fifth in the series of green buildings conferences organised in the GCC states, would highlight the issues concerning construction of green buildings. “Investors are generally scared of spending too much on energy efficiency techniques, but they do not know that they would lead to a sharp decrease in the operating cost on the long- term,” she said. She explained that the conference would include three workshops addressing construction companies, investors, architects, and engineering and environmental studies students. “Experts will explain the concepts of sustainable or green projects to reach a better environmental performance,” she stated. Al-Hashemi pointed out that the conference would also address the community in Qatar, which is expected to adopt better behaviors regarding energy and water consumption. The official noted that Qatar did not have a specific energy efficiency code, although some regulations and standards have been implemented recently. Unesco regional representative Mark Sutcliffe said that the conference aimed at clarifying that waste and water treatment were not a “dirty” industry. “The driving parties should realise that this industry is important, especially in the Gulf states, for clean and healthy societies,” he said. He said that Unesco was developing a programme to support energy efficiency initiatives in schools. “Children should grow up with sensitivities towards these issues,” he added. Sutcliffe stressed that green buildings and energy efficiency concepts were not only applicable in major projects, noting that individuals such as Qatari families could integrate them, when building their homes. Doha Green will tackle issues of the role of the Qatar Society of Engineers in promoting the concept of sustainable projects, sustainable water management, total water management concept and biological waste water treatment through wetland construction. The conference will also feature renewable energy and recycling strategies, such as designing solar thermal applications. Case studies such as the Qatar-Bahrain causeway, will be included, as well as the importance of the marine environment for urban development in the Gulf and the importance of terrestrial environmental resources for urban ecosystem development in the Gulf. The opportunities for solar energy in the Middle East will also be discussed.