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Posted On: 11 June 2009 12:19 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

:eco:Awareness can help improve waste management: expert

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The lack of basic knowledge is affecting sustainable domestic solid waste management in Qatar, an environmentalist has said. “There is a pressing need to educate various stakeholders and the general public in this regard and specifically on recycling,” SMEC International’s senior resident engineer Jim Straker stated. Addressing a meeting organised by SustainableQatar at the Friends of the Environment Centre, he spoke at length on segregation of non-organic commercial and industrial wastes from organic or recyclable components. The treatment issues varied from the impact on health, environment and quality of life. “School programmes have begun including environmental education,” he said. Straker pointed out that with Qatar undergoing rapid development since 2002 through major industries such as gas, oil and their derivatives, and cement and steel, the quantum of waste being generated has also proportionately increased. “Qatar has a phased approach towards treating domestic, green, and wood wastes in the first phase, followed by the tackling of other segments subsequently,” he said. The speaker explained that up to 2,000 tonnes of non-hazardous solid domestic wastes, and 22,000 tonnes of construction and demolition wastes disposed off at Rawdat Rashed, Umm Al Afai and Dukhan, were treated in Qatar per day. Straker suggested that the domestic solid waste storage should consist of 240 litre plastic bins for single households and 1,100 litre galvanised steel community bins for multiple unit households and commercial premises. SustainableQatar started off in March 2008 as a group of environmental and social educators getting together to share interests and start a dialogue. The goal is to share resources, foster collaboration, and make a real change in the health and well-being of the community, environment, and development of Qatar.