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Posted On: 8 November 2016 11:33 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Dusty conditions, strong winds expected on Tuesday

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Strong winds are expected in the country on Tuesday (8th Nov, 2016) along with dusty conditions and low visibility in some places, the Qatar Met department has said. Offshore areas, too, are likely to experience strong winds and high seas.

The wind speed may go up to 35 knots in offshore areas at times and 25 knots in some inshore areas, where visibility may drop to 3km or less. The sea level, meanwhile, is expected to rise to 13ft in some places at times.

Recently, the Met department had said the country was likely to be affected by an extension of a high-pressure ridge centred over northern Saudi Arabia from Monday evening until Wednesday, accompanied by northwesterly-northerly fresh to strong winds.

Fresh to strong northerly winds were reported from several areas on Monday along with low visibility due to blowing dust, the Met department tweeted, urging people to be cautious.

The detailed forecast for inshore areas today says mild conditions are likely during the daytime along with slight to blowing dust in some places at times. Local clouds are also expected on Tuesday and there is a weak chance of rain as well. It will also be dusty in offshore areas at times today, and partly cloudy conditions are also expected.

Tuesday, a minimum temperature of 18C is expected in Abu Samra, while in Doha it will be 24C. The mercury level, meanwhile, may reach a high of 32C in Doha.

A minimum temperature of 17C was recorded in Abu Samra on Monday, followed by 18C in Karana and Ghuwairiyah; in the capital, it was relatively higher at 23C - recorded in the Qatar University and Hamad International Airport areas. The maximum, on the other hand, was 33C in the Qatar University area, Al Rayyan and other places, followed by 32C in 32C in the Doha Airport area, Al Khor, Al Sheehaniya and other places.

Dust caution

The Met department has issued, in co-ordination with the Ministry of Public Health, safety precautions to be observed during dusty conditions. These are as follows:

• All people, particularly the elderly, asthma patients and those with any other respiratory conditions, should avoid direct contact with dust.

• Those who have had eye or nose surgeries recently should avoid direct contact with dust.

• Wash face, nose and mouth regularly to prevent dust from reaching the lungs.

• Wear a mask when going outdoors in such conditions.

• Avoid rubbing the eyes to prevent infection.

• Check with the nearest health centre in case any allergy symptoms appear.

• One should go to the emergency department if s/he faces severe difficulty in breathing.

The department has also advised people to follow the latest weather updates.