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Posted On: 14 April 2013 01:13 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Driving turns nightmarish on D Ring Road stretch

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Driving on D Ring Road, particularly between Tadamon and The Mall signals, is becoming a nightmarish experience for motorists during the peak hours. They feel the 1km stretch has too many approach and exit roads around it, which add to the congestion on this arterial road. There are three approach and five exit roads on one side of the road between the two signals. On the other side, there are three approach and three exit roads. As a large number of vehicles flow onto the main street from these roads, it leads to an endless wait for motorists who come straight to cross the intersections. The problem, say motorists, is compounded by the trend among some drivers of trying to reach the extreme left lane after emerging from the approach roads. Most of these motorists drive across to access the left track, causing panic and even accidents at times. While doing so, they have to cross four-five lanes to reach the left track. This leads to a dangerous and chaotic situation, especially when the signals are open and vehicles are travelling fast in different directions. Another grouse is that some people are always in a tearing hurry to cross the intersections. Many of these motorists drive through one of the exits and rush to the nearest approach road towards the signals, squeezing their way past cars that are waiting for their turn. As a result, motorists who follow the rules by sticking to their lanes are often forced to wait endlessly. A motorist who regularly uses D Ring Road during the peak hours described the situation as horrible. “I go through this experience every day. I also see motorists in bigger vehicles using the approach roads to reach the signals before me. I am getting used to it now, but sincerely hope that things will be sorted out,” he said. Another motorist said the situation was quite different beyond the Tadamon signal. “On the stretch of the road immediately after the Tadamon signal towards Mamoura, there are no approach roads on one side and only one exit road from the main street. As a result, there is no traffic problem in that area.” He said motorists have to develop a culture of safe and defensive driving as it will help solve several traffic problems in the city.