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Posted On: 22 January 2009 07:47 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Driving tests made easy

Paper Boy
Paper Boy
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Driving tests in Qatar are being simplified, with major changes in the internal parking tests. Box parking has been replaced with straight parking, the system commonly found in most parking lots in the city, according to driving school sources. The changes are expected to be enforced from the beginning of next month. The Department of Traffic and Patrols, a few years ago, had removed the “S” tests and simplified the “L” tests to make the system more logical. Now box parking (pocket parking), which is the final part of the internal tests has also been simplified. Everyone seeking a Qatari driving licence must pass the internal tests (“L” and parking) conducted inside the premises of the driving schools, to qualify for the final road tests. Rules for the “L” as well as road tests remain unchanged, according to the sources. “We understand that the parking tests have been changed because most of the new parking lots in the city have the straight parking system. Box parking is provided mainly along the roads,” an official of a driving school told The Peninsula yesterday. He said the school was redesigning the parking lines to suit the new system, which is expected to be implemented from February. A source from another driving school also confirmed the change. Yeah that's just what we need. Make the tests idiot proof so we have more idiots on the road. TEACH THEM THAT INDICATING IS MANDATORY!