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Posted On: 26 May 2016 07:11 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Doha’s Most Photogenic Locations

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A lot of people love taking photos, especially if they’re new to a place. Qatar for example has many such locations for all you serial photographers. It’s understandable that people may think “we’re in a desert, what’s so photogenic about a desert?” but on the contrary there’s so much beauty in Qatar’s desert locales itself. Of course, we’re not just a vast desert. We have some gorgeous attractions and landmarks which serve as great locations for photos. We’ve come up with a list of Doha’s most photogenic locations, which you guys should totally check out!

Katara Cultural Village


Katara has awesome scenery and is great in capturing an Arabesque vibe, particularly with its waterfront and amphitheater.

The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl as a whole is amazing for photos. However there are certain locations within the Pearl that capture a unique aspect of beauty, very reminiscent of Venice with vibrant colored buildings and rivers.

Qanat Quartier -
Residential area, but is super cool to check out. This is where the colorful houses are.

Photo credit:

Medina Centrale -
Where the cinema and a number of different restaurants are located, great area for photos.

Porto Arabia - Facing the waterfront, also home to many luxury brand stores and great restaurants.

Fuwairit Beach at Sunset

I’ve already written an article previously about beaches in Qatar, but Fuwairit beach at sunset is just stunning! You should definitely check it out when the weather gets a little cooler.

Sealine (where the dunes are)

Sealine was also mentioned before, but the combined beauty of the sand dunes and the seaside is a fantastic capture! Also beautiful at golden hour (sunset) and at sunrise!

Lusail Corniche
Photo credit: Structuremarine

This isolated location in Lusail City is also on a waterfront. It’s not like the main Doha Corniche but is still a great location to take photos. Check it out, photo lovers!

Museum of Islamic Art Park/Café

Who doesn’t love greenery in pictures? MIA Park is a gorgeous location to show off some of Doha’s greenery. It’s also very close to the sea and has a gorgeous view of the skyline. The MIA Café has the most perfect view of the skyline and yummy crepes to go with the view.

Aspire Park
Photo credit: Online Qatar

Another great spot with greenery and trees. There’s also a very photogenic area with a fountain and a mini lake within the park itself. There are even ducks in the lake sometimes.

Souq Waqif Al-Wakra

What makes Souq Waqif Al-Wakra a great place for pictures is its boardwalk like resemblance near the seaside, with seafront restaurants and cafés. Although its very sandy colored, there are a few spots of bright colors, specifically doors. I know that may sound basic but it really does make for a great picture. See for yourself!

What are your favorite places in Doha to take pictures? Comment below!