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Posted On: 5 June 2016 03:11 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Doha's Coffee Shops: Great for Working and Chilling

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A lot of people are caffeine addicts. Additionally, a lot of people also find that coffee boosts their productivity and that it helps them get their work done. Doha is home to a multitude of different coffee shops and places that sell coffee. With Ramadan coming up people may want to stay up later than they normally do, and what’s a better way to stay up apart from drinking coffee? The key to finding a good coffee spot involves taking different variables into account, such as the quality of the coffee, if they have internet, where it’s located, and the ambiance of the place. We’ve come up with some coffee spots that cover all these variables (somewhat), and as always we welcome our readers’ feedback too!

Title Image: Yelp

Caribou Coffee
Photo credit: Caribou Coffee Zomato

This coffee shop chose its slogan aptly: "Life is short. Stay awake for it.” It’s originally an American company, which says a lot since I believe Americans are like coffee connoisseurs (no shade to the Europeans). Caribou’s coffee is delicious. They offer a variety of different types - for sugar lovers there’s the Turtle Mocha, and for regular Joes (pun intended) there’s always the Latte. Their have many different locations, and all of them have a great vibe. (There’s also one with a drive-thru! Super cool)

Photo credit: Starbucksmiddleeast (IG)

No matter what people say about it, Starbucks really has awesome coffee. Also free internet?! Doubly awesome. I tend to find that our Starbucks are very mall-centric. I’d honestly prefer if they had more stand-alone locations, because I don’t want to spend a whole of time in traffic or in trying to find parking just to grab a cup of coffee. Also, get a drive-thru like Caribou! (Rhymes for days)

Tim Hortons
Photo credit: Tim Hortons Zomato

Tim Hortons’ coffee is like my number one bae (before anything else). Being Canadian myself, I’ve been loyal to my hometown’s coffee franchise. My favorite items are their French Vanilla, and their Iced Cappuccinos - perfect for summer. Their donuts and Timbits (donut holes) are also delicious! Tim Hortons is also primarily located in shopping malls like Ezdan, Gulf, and City Center, however I’m hoping that they open a stand alone joint. They definitely need a drive-thru because Canada has a drive thru at practically every joint.

Costa Coffee
Photo credit: Costacoffeeqatar (IG)

Personally I find that Costa is a great place to work and complete tasks. They actually have a few stand alone spots in Doha, which is great in terms of ease of access. Their coffee is yummy and they usually have a very chilled-out atmosphere. My favorite location is at the Pearl-Qatar in Medina Centrale, but not in the evenings or Thursdays, as it gets a little hectic.

Flat White

This is a new coffee shop that’s located in the Pearl. It’s a great spot to work in, however they don’t provide internet. “Real” coffee lovers may like this place more than I do in terms of coffee. Flat White doesn’t add any sugar or sweeteners to their coffee, but instead uses full-fat milk. For people who appreciate this blend of coffee you’d probably love this place. I love it for their cookies - sea salt and kinder, yum.

Espression by Lavazza
Photo credit: Lavazzaqatar (IG)

Lavazza has great coffee and provides internet. However they’re only located at the Gate Mall, which is both a perk and a disadvantage. On one hand it’s a prime location for people who work in West Bay, an easy stop over when one is on a lunch break, but on the other for people who don’t work anywhere near there it’s a bit of a hassle to get there just for coffee. I personally liked their Mocha and Macchiato.

Noteworthy spots:
Gloria Jeans Coffees (Student Center & Fereej Bin Mahmood)
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Columbus Cafe
Mokarabia (The Pearl, Medina Centrale)

What are your favorite coffee shops in Doha? Comment below!