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Posted On: 14 June 2016 08:21 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Doha’s Best Makeup Artists on Instagram

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Have you ever felt a little underdressed at certain events, makeup wise? You’re surrounded by a whole bunch of extravagantly put together women and you show up wearing uneven eyeliner and false lashes that are pretty much falling off your eyes. Been there, done that. Although I’m self-taught when it comes to makeup, I know of many women who struggle with the art of application. So whether you’re a designer who needs grandiose makeup on your models, a girl getting ready for her graduation, or a panicky bride-to-be that can’t find a great makeup artist for her wedding, ILQ has got you covered (literally). Not to mention the ladies who like dressing up a little bit for Ramadan evenings, and for the ones planning ahead and wanting to get ready for Eid too! Check out our list:

Title Image: Vizio

Diana Haddad
Photo from: dianahaddad_makeup (IG)

A freelancer and professional makeup artist. Her work is great. She can apply the Qatari style of makeup and natural styles too!

Usually charges: QR800 for full face.

Andrea Espinosa
Photo from: aemakeapp (IG)

Another great makeup artist! One of my close friends got her makeup done and it looked amazing! She’s from Colombia and is also a mom!

Usually charges: QR750 - home service included.

Samia Al Saleh
Photo from: samiaalsaleh (IG)

Samia owns a beauty salon and spa called Organique. Her makeup skills are on point, which may mean that she's a little hard to get hold of. You should still try your luck!

Cherden Denis
Photo from: cherden_makeup (IG)

She's a Los Angeles trained professional makeup artist, and even founded her own company! I've heard good things about her makeup skills so check her out!

Lydia Hybenik
Photo from: lydiahybenik (IG)

Lydia is a makeup artist living in Qatar and has a huge Instagram following. I've seen her work and it's really good. She's good at natural looks, as well as evening glams.

Mohamed HamedScreen
Photo from: mooody_makeup (IG)

He's a professional makeup artist who really nails the Arabic and Qatari makeup look. Not to mention one of the few male makeup artists in Doha. I really like his makeup style from the work that he's shared on his Instagram. Check out his page!


Photo from: makeupby.ds (IG)

She's a Qatari makeup artist, and from what I know Qatari women really work magic when it comes to makeup. Seriously, based on first hand experience I have felt like a different person altogether - which isn't a bad thing. Definite thumbs up.

Bshayer Almnsouni
Photo from: makeupbybshayer (IG)

She's based in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. I love the way she does makeup. It actually looks flawless.

Photo from: shosho_makeup_artist (IG)

She's another makeup artist with a huge following! Her style is more Arabic and Qatari, but it's absolutely gorgeous. Check out her page!

Masooma Hashim
Photo from: masooma_makeup (IG)

Masooma may be a tad bit difficult to get hold of, but oh wow are her skills are fabulous. She has a ginormous following on Instagram and usually does wedding or celebrity makeup. She also owns her own salon and is based in Bahrain.

Emilia Rida Subaih
Photo from: emilia_makeup (IG)

A professional makeup artist and a mom, her makeup skills are awesome. I’ve seen her work first hand and it’s really good.

Afra Bant Hamad
Photo from: afra_makeupqa (IG)

Absolutely love the way she does makeup. She's a professional makeup artist based in Qatar and has done makeup for models for multiple photoshoots. Check out her page!

Who are your favorite makeup artists in Doha? Comment below!

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