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Posted On: 27 August 2016 02:38 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Doha's Back-To-School Fashion: Men's Edition

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Written by: Hassan and Zaid

As much as everyone thinks that school life is all about keeping your head down, doing your homework and acing exams, being presentable at school is just as important! Not only does a good outfit make you the most stylish person in school, but it also helps you stand out in the eyes of your teachers or professors. Having a keen sense of dressing also helps pave your way into the professional world.

Granted that everyone has their good days and bad days and their own unique sense of dressing - ILQ ventured around universities in Doha to check out people’s back-to-school fashion and here’s what we found!


A polo shirt is a like a t-shirt, but with a knitted collar and a two or three button placket (the neck opening) made from a knitted fabric. We think polo shirts are trendy when it comes to school life since it helps you feel comfortable and gives you a good look!

Even though polo shirts were originally designed for sportsmen, they’re now widely used around the non-sporting world, commonly chosen for school uniforms, retail uniforms, hospitality uniforms, etc.

Pictured: A maroon/red polo shirt with black trousers and topped off with grey kicks!


Technically, there’s no need for too many fancy pieces such as bow ties, three-piece suits and tux jackets for daily wear when you’re on campus. Similarly, you shouldn’t be focusing too much on trend-led stuffs like floral ties, camouflage chinos or even pink blazers. Sure it might be nice to have some statement pieces, but you have to know how to wear them. These guys decided that today they’re gonna mix and match a semiformal kind of look.

Pictured: Twinning on formal shirts and formal pants, and topped off with sneakers giving them a chill look! So this outfit was a total win for the day.


Some fashion styles come and go, but the basics are always here to stay. When you invest in your back-to-school clothes make sure you’re always equipped with some basics. This includes items like what this guy is wearing right here! V-neck tees always come in handy. Neutral tees are also a go-to because it’s easy to style them. You can have one on and pair it with a stylish blazer and you’re good to go!

Pictured: What he did here was wear a v-neck shirt and style it with black shorts, which gives the outfit a cool ‘summer look,’ and of course he cleaned it up with a pair of fresh blue kicks and a matching snapback.


I mentioned that basics always stay in style no matter what fashion trend might take over, but there’s something else that always stays no matter what. Fun fact: its everywhere! Denim will always be in, no matter the season, year, or decade.

These guys decided to style their look with denim shorts, making them look both fashionable and summer-ready. The good thing about denim shorts is that they can last for a long period of time so investing in them is a good idea, plus if you don’t want to waste time in getting a pair you could always cut up a pair of jeans and voila! You’re ready with a must-have item in your wardrobe.

Pictured: Polo shirts, paired with white sneakers.

But the thing with white sneakers is that they're easy to get dirty but super difficult to clean, so be careful with your pair!


Making sure your clothes fit perfectly is the deciding factor in what will make a simple look go from ‘alright’ to ‘great!’ It’s also the difference between being seen as a well-dressed individual or just another student wandering around campus. That’s a major key (DJ Khaled reference), trust us!

Sure, you can always invest hundreds in athletic wear, and there's nothing wrong with that! So although this guy looks like he’s about to hit the gym, he’s actually really comfortable in going about his day at uni. Not everything is just about style, however this guy nails comfort AND style pretty well.

Pictured: Jogging trousers (sweatpants) and sneakers. This gives him a more breathable outfit as well as makes him look super active!

A couple of pointers and tips before you leave to acquire a new wardrobe for this new school or university year:

No matter what style type you follow, casual, sporty, skater, hipster, classy or preppy, you should research stores before shopping so you don’t waste too much time running around stores without an idea of what you want.

Tees – Crew neck and v-neck basics in different colors are a must as we mentioned earlier! It’s recommended that you’re equipped with these essentials.

Pants – Dress pants in both heavy and light fabric, so you’re ready for any type of weather.

Short and long-sleeved shirts – Avoid skinny shirts and make sure you get the right fit (always remember to try them on before you check out).

Casual outerwear – There are always days when you’re too lazy and need to get your hoodies and sweatshirts on.

Shorts – In Doha, you always need to find ways to beat the heat so grab some stylish shorts like denim or cargo ones, or maybe even the chino shorts!

Shoes — These are the last but most important element of your outfit. Get a great pair of sneakers to wear on campus. Converse, Vans or Superstars are your key to daily fashion and they also match with pretty much anything. Also, invest in some quality leather shoes for important university or school-related occasions. Remember some people don’t look at you from top to bottom, but the other way around.

Accessories – They’re not just for girls. Get your wrist a nice watch, your eyes a fresh pair of shades. Fill your shopping bag with a tie or two for one of those formal days.

So if you haven’t hit up the mall yet to get your back-to-school wardrobe ready, just remember these tips from us!

Have you got your back-to-school looks planned or ready? Share them with us by commenting below!