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Posted On: 19 October 2016 07:27 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Doha Port Welcomes The World

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The world’s largest privately owned residential yacht, The World, docked in Doha Port yesterday, marking the beginning of Qatar’s 2016/2017 cruise season. The luxury cruise ship will spend two days in Doha before heading to Muscat.

This cruise season, which lasts until April 2017, has 32 ships registered to arrive at Qatar’s shores, representing a three-fold increase on last season’s figures. Over 50,000 passengers are expected to arrive aboard these ships.

The luxury cruise ship’s passengers will be the first to avail of Qatar’s new entry procedure, which quickens the disembarkation of tourists arriving on board cruise ships. Cruise passengers can now disembark within minutes of arriving and immediately begin enjoying their on-shore excursions.

The Worldis home to 165 residences with patrons from 45 countries living on board the ship as it sails around the world, staying in most ports for several days. Some residents live on board full time while most visit periodically throughout the year.